MSM and Racial Bias in African Tragedies

The triage that selects stories for attention by the MSM is compelled by greed for readers/audiences and the revenue such audiences attract. Some of the selection is based on political bias. In an election year the political considerations hold primacy above all.other factors. I have noticed , however, that sub-saharan Africa never gets the attention that other areas get. But i would bet the farm that if the victim looked like Shirley Temple, the marines would be called on to save her. regardless of which side of the sahara she was sitting on————– hmmmmmmmm?



Making distinctions between moralality or immorality in killing is fragile ice,  just to avoid , if anything, to avoid accusations of  becoming an apologist for murder. This stand tends to taint the advocate, regardless  of the merits of his case. Whether or not a capital action such as  killing a human being is rewarded, what the is the reward and to whom do the benefits of the killing/killings fall?  Sometimes that benefit is the debt owed to society by the taker of lives, Of the conflicts that this republic has settled with arms, we, as a country,  have never demanded territory or tribute upon victory. We have asked for only as much territory as it would take to bury our dead,  not a yard more.  As far as reasons for killing, the Muslim rational is that killing is a  religious obligation  with death during Jihad the goal ………………………………………………………..This license to kill is further codified  by the superior attitude that is premoted bythe Muslim literature.  Infidels and apostates are ‘lesser beings’ and the sin of killing a lesser being is not as bad as killing another Muslim.  

…………a prize that will get the jihadi into heaven with perks, (several sets of beautiful virgins ) for their trouble.. The mission of sinew is an example of strength that can be and is used for two, diametrically opposed ends. .The strength in my arm can be used  offensively, for  the vanquishing of enemies, or the strength in  a mans arm can be used defensively,  to help and protect those who cannot protect themselves..

You can use a hammer to drive nails, or you can kill somebody with it. It is just a matter of what you chose to do with what you have. And more than that…..WHAT IS IN YOUR HEART.

Come to PAPA Little Ones……

After having been inundated by the nihilistic barbarity of the ISIS gang. Muslims are running into the arms of Christ. As an apostate at best, I still find this conversion a lovely story illuminating the forgiveness and love that is central to New Testament doctrine as such a breath of fresh air for those in the clutch of the evil ISIS.

Image: Church of the Brethren in Kobane, Syria

A Threat to the Peace of the State


Where is the van full of chunky red headed women who should be screeching to a halt outside the church of asylum, scurrying out of black vans in black tactical gear?

Sweden Tries to ‘Starve’ Out Christian Asylum Seeker


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But where is NOW, (National Organization for Women)? As a matter of fact, in all the countless abuses of female rights, safety and freedom that occur in droves each day, you will find not one representative of NOW. Could it be that our morals only are of the NIMBY variety (Not In My Back Yard)!


Truffle Hunting

The most powerful man in Christendom, protector of the church and a man whose words touch the lives of millions is equivocating Christianity and Islam. In a quick rewrite of the New Testament the Pope implies Jesus telling his disciples to evangelize is the same as the admitted focus on the violent conquest  advocated by Islam!Italy Pope Holy Thursday

Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoyNo klik here just a clever toon



Thus the Zoroastrian religion, grand daddy of the mess now churning in the middle east, is just another victim of the Muslim metastasis.

We suffer under the belief that when the enemy can no longer offer resistance, and it’s army is quiet, there is an end to violence.. Wrong-o- bubba, in the great domestic quarrel that is the middle east, the defeat of an enemy is never final and it signifies nothing more than a cessation of hostilities with one among many enemies.. When we are not buzzing around doing the “Wrath of Obama”. trick with drones, our foe de jure is out  killing other Muslims. They kill. They wage war. That’s what they do. The big feud, Sunni vs. Shia,  has been going on since the very day of Moes’ (Mohammad) death some 1400 years ago. The core schema  of the Muslim culture is an out of control patriarchy dedicated to the satisfaction of basic instinctive drives.. Aggression, territoriality, dominance, sexual satisfaction and domination only for and by the male are the impetus behind Muslim culture.   All who are not positioned males are considered lesser beings and are treated accordingly. Anything an adult male does to one of lesser stature,  such as younger people, conquered people (Dhimmis), infidels, and females, is acceptable under Muslim law (Sharia). Young children are considered apprpriate sexual objects for adult male satisfaction.. Moe “thighed” (rubbing the penis against the thighs of the child). his bride of 6 (Aisha) until she was nine. When Aisha reached the advanced age of nine Mohammad, age 54 consummated the marriage. The primacy of the male is absolute in Islamic culture. The male is afforded the power over life and death. With the murder of other family members is codified as the males right in matters of honor.  This constant reinforcement of masculine primacy, coupled with primal drives pandered to freely, sets the stage for the dismantling of every culture and religion met by Islam.

Egypt, prior to the Muslim occupation, was Coptic Christian in composition. When the Arabs first occupied Egypt, Coptic Christianity was six hundred years old. Now, having survived 14 centuries suppression under the lash of Muslim occupation and persecution, Egypts copts are fleeing.  Ninevah,(Iraq, west side of Tigris river) recently occupied by ISIS,  failed to celebrate communion for the first time in two thousand years. Christianity is being systematically eliminated in the mid east.

The Holy war is upon us.



State Department warns Americans abroad at “high risk” of kidnapping by Islamic State and other jihadis