Seventeen thousand  “Not- So-Sour-Krauts”  lined Berlins streets, singing Christmas Carols to push back  the dark night of Islamic infiltration.. PEGIDA, (Patriotic Europeans against Islamization of the West) is catching harassment fire from the forces of evil working within the auspices of  German sovereignty.  Spectors of the Christmas truce of 1914, flutter about the perimeters of the German Carolers, just as  “Silent Night”, drifting across the killing ground of mud, blood and barbed wire on Christmas eve 1914 beguiled the Gods of war..  for a brief time the guns were laid down, and the prince of peace had his moment. The silencing of the guns for a just  those few hours,  has endured  to inform the heart  of the season for a century.Reuters / Hannibal Hanschke Kudos  to the west, at least initially we err to the side of caution in matters concerning human lives. HOWEVER such sensitivity can prove corrosive to the host culture. Swelling Muslim populations are exacerbating the inherent anti-Semitism in British culture. The linked article is particularly careful to appear objective. Jus klikdapik-slik!

The eastern creep of the social sappers of the army of Islam are presently winning the culture wars of eastern Europe. The Danes are retaliating as France, and Belgium are tightening down on “Sharia Zones” , hijabs etc.. My man, Condell would like a word with you…                                            Shalom


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