Keep Your Eye on the Canary



It is not uncommon to see a canary hanging in a cage in most coal mines. They are an early-warning system that is quite  sensitive and reliable. It goes this way. Dead bird means you have methane in the air, waiting to blow up at the first spark.. Thus it is that I include info from. Britain, Britain is our Canary,. When our bird drops dead we had better be ready for the eminent encroachment of something bad………

9 year old with her groom. AHHHH the bliss of my brides faultless and hirsute little body.! BREATHLESS! ( no! I mean it! anybody got a spare cannula?). And think about the new, more organicly grown laws when Sharia is instituted as the law of the land .  Choppping off body parts is fast and echonomical. Backlogged court dockets will become a thing of the past! 


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Tender mercies of worship fill the soul when the meat begins to tear!!! We are here to take you back in time about 1400years.See the source image


The following diatribe can be said to be straight from the man on the scene, as Pat Condell describes what he sees as Britain struggles to deal with same said migrants in England.


Taking Several for the Team

‘No Borders’ activistWhat is heroism? I have to admit that the young lady (a volunteer from the “No Borders” group), who took the gang rape and kept her mouth shut for the cause is a good candidate for the Nobel Piece of Ass. prize.  She can be expected to appear on “Opra,” “The View,” or the “Daily Show” as a special guest for her work in expanding the boundaries for appeasing thugs! 

Who just want a better life! Poor little immigrants.

We should take this as a lesson on preparedness. If such group activities bond the population and pose a outlet for frustrations, it should be provided at the border for those who have been starving for romance for too long. Either volunteers from the “No Borders” group or professionals (prostitutes), to handle the overload.Sexual slaves are provided with appropriate safety equipment for those impromptu bar-b-qs that might involve a lot of  love-slaps to help “get the message across”. (Whatever that might be).

I am in the process of destroying you. Ya Dweeb!

HIJRAH is an old tried and true tenant of Islam. It’s not a matter of refugees committing premeditated Hijrah as they cross the border, as much as it is that the support for living as a secret enemy in the land that opened its arms to you is codified in the Koran.  What happens when you are a young male among a multitude of needy people living in refuge status? Will the secret Hijrah look a bit better when you’re down and out a year or two since your rescue?. About then a refugee can find succor in the fact that he is a martyr, headed for paradise by drilling holes in the very life-boat that floats him.  And, as any Palestinian could tell you, ghettos of refugees already have such secret clubs ready and waiting for the new immigrant. Waiting to begin his training and indoctrination into the cause of the quiet Jihad.. And in countless aggressive and passive-aggressive ways he will commit Hijra of “his own volition.” Eh heh.