Britain on the Block


Shariah-4-UKThe seventh century rears it’s primitive visage in Britain. One must at least entertain the idea that some form of compensatory back swing is happening in reaction to the sin of past empire.  This may be an oversimplification. The same rule of colonialism cannot be easily fit to America. The old feeling was “our differences end at the waters edge.”  I appears that the modern liberal assumes what ever the prevailing third-world perception of America happens to be at that moment. Many of the nabobs and potentates out there saulve their constituents feeling about shortcoming in their lives by blaming “it” whatever ” it ” is, on the big bad, great Satan/boogeyman America. This serve the dual purpose of quieting the restless spirits of the “masses” as well as distracting said masses away from the real culprit. THEM.

So we get this weird self-loathing from what seems like nowhere. Sheeeeesh

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