Humans of a Lesser God

I have made several postings regarding the horrific state of gender oppression in the Islamic world. It is hard to process the depths of true depravity that is preached by some fundamentalist Muslims. The article linked below cites Islamic scripture in clearly connecting the dots from Koran to actions in reality……..

Big Mo’ found a six year old that tweaked his passion to the point that he told the father of the little tike that he would take her as his wife! After waiting till she (Aisha) was “of age” he took her as his blushing bride when she had ripened to the age of 9 (nine). The 50+ Mo’ consummated the union at that time and she remained with him for nine years until his death.


Pictured below are the surgical tools used to ablate the girls clitorous. The linked article refers to these blades being “brought in” from far away with personnel in tow who will do the job for a fee. A razor blade, (rusty) and a putty knife that has been sharpened a bit are all that is pictured here. And in comparison to the bent spoons and such that I have seen pictured as FGM these tools are “state of the art.” 

Where is NORMAL? In other issues related to treatment of women they get quite screechy and unpleasant to deal with. But when it comes to the abuse and dominance that prevails in Muslim cultures we hear a few tired crickets.

I could be biased though, I have five daughters and could not allow them to be so humiliated, divested of legal parity with males and  subjected to all forms of physical and mental oppression like most good Muslim girls endure. Luckily none of my girls have been so lame brained as to convert to Islam. For more on this topic just click the pick below.

A Threat to the Peace of the State


Where is the van full of chunky red headed women who should be screeching to a halt outside the church of asylum, scurrying out of black vans in black tactical gear?

Sweden Tries to ‘Starve’ Out Christian Asylum Seeker


See the source image


But where is NOW, (National Organization for Women)? As a matter of fact, in all the countless abuses of female rights, safety and freedom that occur in droves each day, you will find not one representative of NOW. Could it be that our morals only are of the NIMBY variety (Not In My Back Yard)!


Pop! Goes the Weasel !



I like Seals music. He has a voice like an angel and a presence that fills the stage completely. I am less sold on Oprah. Now that I have been made  more aware of her knowledge of Weinstein’s palavering with young , old, and all that lies between. I am peeved.

Chummy: Oprah and Harvey Weinstein at the 19th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards at Barker Hangar on January, 2014 in Santa Monica, CaliforniaOprah has always represented the “In” crowed that excluded me and those of my ilk, (my ilk was poverty, and the wrong side of the tracks). The hubris and hypocrisy of the limousine-libs that always take the  posture that will serve there need for approval while condescending all to others to is the amazing capacity of the human to remain safely ensconced in his own shell while others are suffering all around. While Oprah is trading face paint with Weinstein in the above pik, thousands of the a third world, (woman’s 3rd world), traded as cattle, raped at will, sold and physically muillated in the most intimate way. In the most brutal manner imaginable; wait for sensitivity to turn into courage. They wait to be rescued.


 I have five daughter’s now, and much grey hair peppered in my old brown locks. I fear for their wellbeing. Not the color of dress the celebs choose to wear to the Grammys  because of Weinstiens wanger wranglin’. 

Every bodies going to wear a black dress. Everybodies going to write a confessional, everyone will feel exonerated. If I am lucky my wandering child will have a safe place to lay her head. I miss her so. So the limo libs drive by in silent cars, we see bits of their faces in the tinted windows, and they will look valiantly forward as they feel so much the hero for having cut a donation check or delivered a lecture  for an overinflated fee.

What is a micro-aggression?

But distance, to a limo-libber is the saving grace.  Yes it’s true that whenever one of the rich and famous gets an urge to eat Chinese they can just jump of one of their planes and pop over to Hong Kong for a bite. If they want some real privacy they just buy an island.

But what will mute the caterwauling about the fate of the lefts genitalia? What will happen to their ever important quest for marriage between entities naturaly ill-matched for mating! (You know, marriage between a human and a house plant. Will the screams of thousands of children and young teens experiencing genital mutilation  be heard over the whining for the 15  dollar minimum wage to flip burgers?

In the real world the taste of reality is in the air. Cancer has visited this house. Another child, 25 years old has come up missing and I am on oxygen.

By the way, does “fuck off!” fit the mold for micro aggression?


Some good will be done. Some waste will happen,….. but the perversities of the “privileged few” will go on. HO HUM………………..bug?



Finally! A sex aid class that gets it right!

Beating wives if they refuse sex is OK, according to books in Britain’s Islamic schoolsWhat astounds me most is that  you hear nothing from the limo-libs about this world-wide travesty where, according to the Koran, have little more value than a dog. The conundrum to many is the apparent lack of retaliation towards the oppressors by the victims. Fear, could be considered as a restraining force in keeping abused spouses silent but it has been my experience that fear will only serve to keep a people in line for a while. The deeper chains that keep many third-world females silent lie within their own  spiritual beliefs. The understanding of what a good Muslim woman as a opposed to a bad Muslim woman  is programmed into the victim, sometimes from birth. And it appears that shame and guilt can trump fear as a restraining force.

Reality. Evil. Love



Pat Condell has a way with words and ideas that I find enchanting. He speaks for England mentions other Europeans and usually hits the nail squarely on the head.

Why  Muslims commit such violence, (up to now, primarily on other Muslims.)

Fact is we, ah- hem… if in reality they  didn’t have teeth, leopards would starve  . Teeth are hard and tear things apart….. they represent the hard parts of life……..Micro-aggression? Hmmmmm. 

But that is the question. If evil must exist to validate good, is there really any reason to behave? You’r vital to the system either way. The natural order of the ecosystem is based on the ingestion of one organism over others….Lions eat meat, cows eat grass. These are the natural order of things.  When you find a lion that, by their own volition, is a vegetarian, then we will discuss completely eliminating evil in the world. But such is not the case, unless you have an urge to hunt down and kill all alpha animals on the planets.

Violence is a natural drive. M And mankind kind is destined to war his deepest  drives.. The whole point in this inherent civil war is the struggle to find that imperfect balance  between personal protection and sacrifice of the sovereign of the teritorial imperative.

Evil is in us all. Sometimes I feel that when we fight evil and win we are redeemed,…that we have won a battle against the bloodier angels of our nature.  My mouth can deny the windshield. My face cannot. But when evil rises from it’s lair of shit and pitch waiting for the arrival of a miracle save to you is a fatal tactic. Regardless of how many times you watch “The Sound of Music” reality remains the same. And if you die waiting for the miracle, you will just be another corpse on the pile. Others will be left fight your fight. Many will die or maimed in your sted. Many will live with the unseen scars in their souls. (Like I get when I take out the garbage and the bag breaks about three feet from the trash bin.)But it is time to take out the garbage. 




The Woman’s Movement in Muslim Land



While the decrepit and wicked west was crafting the Magna Charta and painting the Sistine  Chapel ceiling,…….

slave arabScrotums and penises were being cut from black captives on slave trade raids and subsequent  death marches. Use of slaves both male and female as menial servants and as rape slaves was common well into the 20th century.   Genital mutilation of female captives, also a common practice often ended in an agonizing death. along these death marches. (It is regrettable that Gloria Steinem was not around at the time. )  The booming business of  sex-slave trade  continued for at least   1200 years, well into the 20th century.

I have been intellectually lazy, however, for neglecting cornering a feminist and pumping her for info concerning the modern feminists attitude and missionary action for the women of the Muslim culture.

 Oh! Why the deafening silence from NORMAL etc.. Apparently it is OK for the woman who is so fragile that she will ruin your life and or career over a sexual comment in the workplace but tolerate women coerced…..into genital mutilation, marriage against their will starting at the age nine and up, jailing, whipping or stoning for being raped, facial mutilation, amputation of the extremities, (arms feet etc.), etc. as  a small sample of legal judgments according to Sharia Law.

 The crusaders often massacred whole villages in the quest to regain the possession of the holy land. Not much better than the torture chambers of the inquisition or our past poor treatment of many indigenous populations all over the world  As an American raised with Judeo/Christian values I feel a twinge of shame at the mention of Christian brutality, (against Muslims in particular)..

So what is the difference.

Where is our position of moral ascendancy?

The big fact, the 800Lb. gorilla sitting in the middle of our living room, is that these dirty deeds happened 1400 years ago(not to mention our near genocide of Americas indigenous populations).Remember the trail of tears, the Sand Creek massacre, or the massacre at Wounded Knee.  Christians feel more and more at ease the farther we get from those dark days following the disintegration of the Roman Empire as well as the conquering of North America and our attempts at “civilizing” the Indians.

But when the Shaw of Iran bought the farm  and was set packing in a religious coup d’état in ’79. The fundamentalist revival that has since grown, and in some quarters still grows.  The point of this revival is to turn the calenders back to the 6th century, with law based on a weired welding of Judeaism,Christianity, and Bedouin polytheist tradition.  The goal of the game is conquer, occupy and  install their values in the occupied country. A world wide Caliphate is the ultimate goal. The strategy is to do anything you can to dismantle all other societies and in the process, install Sharia as a constitutional framework.


Love was the message of an itinerant preacher proselytized two millennia ago. The spiritual power of his message still resonates around the world. And the fact of the matter is that the world is a violent place hungry for respite from the labours and horrors of a violent world. . His message was simple, but very difficult to execute. Commitment and effort, fidelity and patience are few of the disciplines of love.

Above all, the lesson we learned most deeply is that we don’t want to go back to the old days. We want our women free, equal and in possession of their own lives.



The Saudi’s are full of Poopy-Kaka?

Bill Maher says we (the civilized world) should quit respecting Saudi bullshit. Usually I find little to agree with in Mr Maher’s  statements. But on this occasion  I agree. I agree with the first ladies refusal to wear any head cover during their recent photo-op with the Saudi family. The Saudi refusal to shake the first ladies hand would be seen as a terrible statement of disrespect in any other venue in the world. But it seems that the Muslim sensitivities hold sway over all other considerations. Other guests on this vid do say a  few things that could be construed as appeasement of the Saudi’s, but just avert you eyes and ears at the delicate moments if you please.



It’s about the worldwide subjugation and victimization of a whole gender. It’s about a woman stuffed into a cloth bag buried up to her waist and then slowly murdered by having rocks thrown at her. For suspected adultery. By the way, the size of the stones are limited so there will not be an opportunity for a quick kill with a large rock to the head. The Mullahs in there infinite wisdom want the victim to die slowly. If you have been raped you had better have four male witnesses or you willl be whipped or incarcerated. All rape victims are punished for somehow inciting the rape.
Sharia law is in direct contradiction to any standard of decency any place on earth. From the amputations for theft, stoning for sexual indiscretions, hangings (Iran is hanging homosexuals), to death for apostasy. It is a laundry list of tortures and abominations as long as your arm. Sharia defiles the common good wherever it is installed and enforced. It should be ablated like a cancer when found.