It’s about the worldwide subjugation and victimization of a whole gender. It’s about a woman stuffed into a cloth bag buried up to her waist and then slowly murdered by having rocks thrown at her. For suspected adultery. By the way, the size of the stones are limited so there will not be an opportunity for a quick kill with a large rock to the head. The Mullahs in there infinite wisdom want the victim to die slowly. If you have been raped you had better have four male witnesses or you willl be whipped or incarcerated. All rape victims are punished for somehow inciting the rape.
Sharia law is in direct contradiction to any standard of decency any place on earth. From the amputations for theft, stoning for sexual indiscretions, hangings (Iran is hanging homosexuals), to death for apostasy. It is a laundry list of tortures and abominations as long as your arm. Sharia defiles the common good wherever it is installed and enforced. It should be ablated like a cancer when found.

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