By the Pricking of My Thumbs……..

……….Something wicked this way comes.

With a down cast face and upward glance. She hides before us, in plain sight. It can’t be me!  I’m a little mouse. Deaths not in me, it’s in the louse!  So many millions died from the “Black Death” thinking they had sinned and God was punishing them.  But the plague was not brought to Europe from parts east by men, nor rats that rode the ships, but the smallest thing that it could be. It was the FLEAS on the backs of rats that killed most of Europe.

Omar’s disarming appearance, (cute, small, meek) increases the amount of damage she can do. To be an anti-Semite and get slapped down for it is one thing. But spouting anti-Semitism with no negative consequences will invite much more of the same. And in response to her lack of response when called out on her anti-Semitic barking, “silence is always interpreted as resistance”.


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