Little Omar Makes a Wish

The Ottoman empire, after centuries of dominance in the area that is modern turkey, began divesting itself of territory with division of middle-eastern land to the British in 1917. The areas that changed hands included what will become modern day Israel as well as a couple more areas soon to be designated as Iran, Iraq etc..  The Ottomans, with a bit of the homicidal infusion from Muslims, hated ethnic Armenians and went about destroying their culture in Turkey. Divestments of possessions, mass murder and death march’s effectively eliminated Armenians in Turkey. Only recently have the Armenians began coalescing as a unified culture.  Our little Omar wants to equivocate. She wants to start pointing her little fingers at the crimes of others to take the heat off  Islam’s murderous history.. The article that this pic of Omar is connected to explains in simple clarity, the situation of the Armenians (and Christians) during this bloody period.

See the source image

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