I found this video in an online Israeli newspaper, “7 Israel News”. It is raw,  Awkward, pompous, preachy and precious at once; such vids are worth a look. For their archeological value if nothing else.

Christians have been in conflict with Islam since 1095 when Pope Urban II declared the first crusade. Actually we had trouble with the Muslims well before 1095.Thus the reason for the crusades!  Islam, by declaration, is in conflict with any belief system that is not Islam. (DuuHHhh)  Christianity is  life-affirming and tolerant of others. Islam is death oriented and condemning of others. Christianity as it is presented in the New testament, is a spiritual belief system with certain spiritual mandates, Love thy enemy, turn the other cheek etc.

The Koran, offers a legion of mandates over daily activities. It’s spiritual lessons are tepid and sporadic, taking second billing under how you wipe your butt, who can be screwed and who cannot, butchery, (people and animals) how much of your war booty should be paid to Mohammed (tribute to the boss).  Dress codes, money matters, rules of inheritance, who you can kill with impunity and who you can’t, treatment of sex slaves won in battle etc. etc. are given meticulous attention.  Most of Jesus Christs spiritual insights are considered weaknesses to muslims. Most of Islams spiritual reward and insights are considered SINS by Christians.  Christianity mandates you search inward to conquer your selfish and self-serving beliefs. Islam mandates  conquering the world to satisfy selfish needs, such as aggression, power, control.  and sexual pleasure (for the man).   Under this directive humiliation of others for personal pleasure/social standing enhancement, enslavement in general and rape slaves are all  just rewards of the strict Muslim. Heavy on the sword, light on the love thy neighbor in sharia’s  neighborhood.

So they destroy anything they find that is not Muslim in origin.

Ignorance is their creed: Mohammads mission is the revelation of Gods ‘correction’ of the corrupted gospel of the Christians (who proceed the Islam by 600, (six hundred) years. In comparison the truth is outed. The harmony between Jewish and Christian gospel is  strongly validated by a  shared concordance with the Dead Sea scrolls. Mohammad did the best he could, but his illiteracy  and the vicissitudes of memory. left him with nothing more than  loosely quilted bible and Talmud stories rendered orally.

Again Islam has begun to press for more. Like the forced depopulation of the original Egyptians, (the Copts), from their homeland, the emergence of ISIS and a general inflammation of the middle east. Oh yes, we have been expulsed from the land of the Bedouin. 

The enemy, the Copts, the world knows a religious war has been thrust upon us. But the Unicorn brigade is not sure what to call it. 



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