The Young Turks is not a Boys Band

Our NATO Allies, and supposed friends, the Turks, presently headed by Erdogan, their P.M. is using our Syrian withdrawal and president Trumps mysterious Turkish blind  spot to further violent campaigns that have been brewing for generations. The Kurds, erstwhile true believers in the American mystique and strong and loyal  allies of the Americans are under Erdagons guns again, as we wave bye bye on our fway out of the area. I do not want to get into current events as much as I want to validate the violent nature of the Turkish history with ethnic diversity. Right now the Armenian Genicide deniars are having a party in congress with the founder of the feast,  Democrat Ilan  Omar shrieking from the rafters that no Armenians, (Christians by the way) were genocided by the Ottomans, or later, the Group who call themselves the “Young Turks”. The moniker “Young Turks” is also the name of a program on MSNB. (Figures the Young Turks were beasts of prodigious cruelty.)

See the source image

We owe it to history to raise the worlds awareness of the million + men women and Children tortured, and worked and walked to death. by the Turks.

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