A Real Feminist

Video: Iranian woman tears off her hijab after Muslim cleric tells her to fix it or he’ll have her arrested

This woman’s face has been blurred for good reason. Her fate may be the jail, the whipping post, or the noose. When confronted on the street by a cleric who threatened her with arrest because her hijab was being worn inappropriately, she let him have it with both barrels. (Klikit for more text and a vid.)

Where are feminists who so bravely wage war against fetuses and traditional marriage?  Where are the Code Pink ladies and their big pink vagina signs meant to sexually shame and shock the oppressive white male establishment? In a world where a husband can kill a wife or daughter for reasons of honor and walk away unscathed by little inconveniences such as laws concerning murder, this woman shows true grit and courage. She took a real risk in standing her ground. She is worthy of respect.



Iran must be faced

Iran, and the whole of the middle east began it’s journy backwards in time in 1979 when the Ayatollah  emerged from under the exiled protection of the French and ran the Shaw of Iran out of power. 

One only has to listen as crowds of thousands, as government organized rallies,  shout of the Great Satan (the USA)  to get a sense of their feelings toward America. Their statement toward Israel is the promise to “wipe Israel off the map”. Although there are several Muslim majority countries in the middle and far east Iran carries the special charge of being the only Islamic Caliphate supported by the structure of a theocracy based on Shariah, an archaic system of legal codes that include limb amputation the outlawing and execution of various minorities (gay men are routinely killed). In other words it is a Muslim country with no lingering desire to modernize in any social sense. They will dane to build nuclear bombs though.

They are the greatest supplier and monetary backer of militant Islamic movements across the world. They are the only state to boldly proclaim that they will be the tinder from which the flames of the final Armageddon will burst forth to kill all Jews as well as  get even with the west for the crusades. Only world domination , a world Caliphate will signal an end to their Jihad.

The point is. Iran cannot be allowed to have nuclear weapons.

International Stalking

If you were to write it into a script people would say it was implausible. But in her flight from an ISIS who took her (under duress) as a “captive of the right hand” or in more familiar terms “sex slave”.

I believe there is going to be a problem with characters such as her ISIS captore integrating into the western culture. Klikdapik to get the story.

BBETTER CHECK UNDER YOU BED TONIGHT. You may have a guest from the middle east.         And not know it.

Members of HezbollahInfitration , migration,

“Remember, somewhere on the continuum between paranoia and denial is the truth.

It is the slow, incremental nature of the incursion that allows ample room for cultural denial. It is one of several tactics that have been used since 437, since the demise of the prophet.


How others see the “Muslin Problem’

My sense of right and wrong, bred in me from my American rearing, gives me a consternated pause when I entertain the actions that the Chinese have been accused of in the attached article. I present this bit of grit to reveal a less candypants outlook at the World side problem with Musilm proliferation.

Muslims pray at a mosque during Ramadan in Urumqi, Xinjiang

A group of Muslims reading the bans on beards and burkhas……Hmmmmmmm?

Not every nation has unspoken contracts between citizens banning certain words, beliefs and factual operations. Our cultural understanding of current events has simmered down to a thin tasteless broth of a group of entertainment celebrities and non-news opinion televised kiosks that appear televised several times a day. The teachers union influencing our little tabula Rasa’s from kindergarten to graduation from college is another “in system” corrosive influence to the individual beliefs of the average public school student.

REMEMBER, YOUR CHILDREN ARE NOT YOUR OWN. AS A MATTER OF FACT, IN ONE STATE YOU CAN GET CUFFED AND STUFFED FOR WHACKING YOUR PRESCIOUS ONE AND LOOSE POSESSION OF THE FRUIT OF YOUR LOINS, BLOOD OF YOU BLOOD, ARROW SET LOOSE BY YOUR BOW etc. through the ages of man. . The DHS, with no due process and in opposition to the bill of rights will take forceful possession of your child.

Of course these separation of parent and child will not get the air time from the main stream news organizations. As an American you do not carry the weight of non-citizens desperately needed to stave the hemorrhaging  of black voters from the Democrat plantation, (Trumps positive approval has risen from 14% to 29% in recent weeks in black populations)  so VIVA! no fence, VIVA! no ICE,VIVA! no border at all. we (THE DEMOCRATS) NEED REPLACEMENTVOTERS to replace the African Americans realizing they have been nothing more than voting fodder for democratic candidates.

So the oly American response I can offer is  welllllll FUCK THE BEARDS AND DOUBLE FUCK THE BURKAS!!


Preachin’ to the Choir!

Displaced women from the Darzab and Qush-Teppa districts wait for assistance in Sheberghan.

A little bit of Judaism, a smidge of Christianity, and a lot of Bedouin tradition crafted and best suited to the 6th century is still the gift offered by Islam

I am a guy. I am liberal on most social issues an rampantly conservative on others and I believe thus it goes with most people.  I believe most peoples behavior is their business as long as they don’t harm or inconvenience others. But I do make hard-nosed judgments about the wellbeing of the culture that raised me. I like the Judeao-Christian values I was taught. I know history therefore I have at my disposal knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work.

The bitter fact is that some cultures are superior to others. An uncomfortable fact that has been found in history again and again. Socialism a system tried on many civilizations has failed one hundred percent of the time. Only poverty and civil strife follow the installation of socialism in any group of people. And the flaw was spoken by Margaret Thatcher, “The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other peoples money to spend.”  Pay people not to work and the majority won’t work. Pay people less and less to excel and less people will go to the trouble of working for money that will be taken away for other peoples benefit. Monarchy’s make for great recruitment of civil warriors and eventually ….See the source imagegreat capture shots like this one of Saddam. The Marzest inspired forceful redistribution of wealth will fail as long as some want more. As a matter of fact I have never resided in a community in which the greater percentige did’t want more. So one conives to get more goodies and others, seeing his benefit become unhappy and determined to squeeze a little more out of the system so they can get more stuff……and on and on ad infinitum.

Biblical Christianity has many flaws that I cannot ignore. but overall one just has to look at the state of events in the world.

In areas dominated by a Christian culture you have growth, discovery and decency. Now, lets take a look at the middle east. When they aren’t conspiring to bomb various innocent non-combatants at various crowds, they are taking out hits on their arch nemesis within Islam. The Sunnies hate the Shias and vise versa and a lot of ordinance is passed between the two as they blow up their respective church’s, schools, and restaurants. Israel the great nemesis of all Muslims is the place where Muslims in residence in Israel have more protected civil rights than any other Muslims in the middle east.


When does one take the dark spots on the x-ray seriously? When the cancer has metastasized I guess?  When is complacency and/or denial best classed as suicide by self-abandonment? 

Son of prominent imam arrested at New Mexico compound was training children for school shootingsIf you could talk to any Jew who went sheepishly to the “showers” when they knew in their hearts they were going to their doom, there disembodied spirit would moan in remorse that they hadn’t taken a swing at their murderer rather than do everything they could to make their  own murder easier.

Just walk into any waiting room, whether you are waiting for a tire to be repaired or waiting for an MRI, you will walk into a room full of people who will glance at you and then stuff their face back into whatever smartphone or lap top screen they have. From toddler to retirement we are a culture distracted from the real world.

As I grow older I see an erosion of the basic conversational skills and social touch of the average person. An increase in the crudeness of daily conversation and the low threshold for frustration in dealing with disputes is evidence of a culture unaccustomed to interacting with others of its own species.

So the lost culture of screen babies may gravitate to those who say they have a way toward fulfillment, toward happiness. Or they may have been raised birth from in  culture with only madrassas to inform their vision of the world and Sharia to teach right from wrong.

To be sure everyone will be taught by someone. Some will be taught complacency and some will be taught to take advantage of complacency. .Some will become familiar with finding the facts while others will be programmed to the violent dogma of a violent era 1400 years ago. .

“We will win because you love life…..we love death, that is our reward.”  (Osama Bin Laden).           


What the F***? …… Just Dereliction of Duty

Below is a pik of anti-ICE protesters. They have camped on Portland’s streets for a couple of months. They are not hard to find. You will smell the buckets of urine and fecal matter from a great distance. As Jesus said about the poor, so it goes with idiots, they will be with us always. But the failure of local police to respond to these bums stalking and strong-arming tactics, failure to protect citizens and the public peace at the deliberate behest of the Mayor is too dangerous a mind-set allow to take root in our society.

The Mayor, who doubles as police commissioner, should be replaced immediately and he should be charged with the reckless endangerment of the citizens in his city.

If the elected officials of the community refuse to do their job,…. what then. Do we take up arms and fight these threats on our own?   When the bough breaks,…who will be blamed for the blood on the streets? 


Anarchy Breaks Out in Portland, With the Mayor’s Blessing


Strength of Character

A cool breeze wafts down the hoary halls of juris prudence as a judge of independent  character,  Judge T.S. Ellis decides not to sing harmony to a gaggle of attournies who hope they were in a star chamber rather than a court of law.  It’s the same game: to get to the big boy you can squeeze an associate until he will sing any song you wish to compose for him.  Judge Ellis has informed prosecution lawyers that their primary concern is sqeezing Manafort until he speaks damningly about President Trump.

Ellis has forbade any mention of the POTUS, collusion, or any reference to the work Manafort did for the president during the short period he was associated with his campaign. Such honest insight and assertive wrangling of the lawyers before him, sends a comforting message that the lynch mob mentality will not prevail in his court.

A Theoretical Gordian Knot

Isn’t she just the cutest little democratic-socialist we ever saw?  Is this a case of her fifteen minutes of fame? Is she confused? Am I confused? A little while ago Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was proclaiming she was a capitalist, that feminism was a relic of a fight long ago won and that terms such as empowerment are no longer germane to the fight she’s fit to fight?

Is the transformation from the “law of the jungle” Smithian Capitalism to the touchy-feely mantle of democratic-socialist just too far a stretch of credibility?  Is it a case of a young ideologue evolving? Is it a case of too many theories and too little real knowledge?  Is Ms. Cortez just an attention – craving opportunist who caught the scent of a trend and jumped on the socialist  bandwagon?


KLIKDAPIK for a few words on her bewildering multiple mindsets.