She Set Free Her Menagerie

Word on the street has it that a Democratic socialist hiding in the Bushes to the to the left of the screen  spilled a scalding cup of hot Joe in her lap…..and  this is what ensues when you pour hot coffee on  pants full of….Oh! Well! decorum prevents further explanation…..

A Theoretical Gordian Knot

Isn’t she just the cutest little democratic-socialist we ever saw?  Is this a case of her fifteen minutes of fame? Is she confused? Am I confused? A little while ago Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was proclaiming she was a capitalist, that feminism was a relic of a fight long ago won and that terms such as empowerment are no longer germane to the fight she’s fit to fight?

Is the transformation from the “law of the jungle” Smithian Capitalism to the touchy-feely mantle of democratic-socialist just too far a stretch of credibility?  Is it a case of a young ideologue evolving? Is it a case of too many theories and too little real knowledge?  Is Ms. Cortez just an attention – craving opportunist who caught the scent of a trend and jumped on the socialist  bandwagon?


KLIKDAPIK for a few words on her bewildering multiple mindsets.