Maybe it was the time of day, (early morning) or maybe it was hang-dog look of the Monday morn’n blues in her eye I found myself wrapped around the eldest in an all-out bone-crusher hug the minute I laid eyes on her this morning. For some reason she seemed  precious beyond measure.  It was fortunate all five of my girls were not there….I could have been crushed to death.

I am poor as a church mouse and live hand to mouth, but right now I consider myself a man of endless wealth.

I have children who love me and show it. I have a wife who loves me as well.

But  I can’t number the well-heeled clientele I have counseled, who lived on the brink of suicide, people who live in perpetual loneliness and elderly who have not laid eyes on their children in years.

On a deeper level of hell there are those of the third world who have their doors kicked in…..and murder, torture, rape and humiliation are inflicted upon them to the limits of demonic imagination and prescription of Sharia, (Islamic legal codes).   


Getting with the Feminine Jihadi


Taliban in makeup seems exotic. I recall a film of a group back in the early eighties,  then known as the ‘Mujahedeen’ as  they were preparing to fight Russians. I  was amused to see the care that they put their eyeliner on in one shot then snap a fresh magazine into an AK in the next.  Another strange cognitive contortion is the image of one of these Cinder-fellas sawing through the throat of victims with a dull knife, (sharpened if he was favored in one way or another. Back in the eighties they usually paused just to freshen their eyeliner before a battle. They seem to have evolved since then. Kind of makes you wonder if they have Marylyn Monroe impersonators that come in with a little Karaoke and sequined dresses once in  awhile.  Thomas Dworzak came across the photographs in the backroom of a studio and offered to buy them.

The Chamberlain Way

Didn’t Britain learn anything since CHamberlain appeased them into the second world war. A basic mindset of the middle eastern mind would see such placation as weakness.

Whenever a Jihadi sees such behavior a little sparkle comes to his/her eyes. They know that they have been given the pass to take more, push for more and gain more power. There is no question about the nature of the relationship to power in countries that have taken them in as migrants. It is stated a multitude of times in the Koran, Hadith, and other Muslim literature that those who are not Muslim are judged inferior by Allah and they should be “made to feel” their subordination. The battle lines are clear to any Muslim. If you are not muslim you are akin to cockroaches, a pest that should be either eliminated or subjugated. Yet it appears that the British don’t even know which direction the front is. They keep knocking out stones from their own ramparts.

In this case they are censuring the content of a comedians routine. Klikdapik for further information.

Prison Ministries

Poor old Greece. She has been the on-ramp to the back road of Europe for millennia for every migrant marching away from the latest mid-east Armageddon  The only solid requirement one could place on the migrant is to assimilate into the host culture and abide by the local laws. It has been made painfully apparent, however that they re-create their cultures of strife even while resident in migrant camps. All prisons are mean places, gladiator schools and Academe’ of Crime etc. Respect comes with fear. Coercion and bullying in every way happen on a moment by moment basis. Power and control is the social contract in prison. It is a normal expectation that religion works against the “might is right” thought. But what does one do when it is the religion that subsumes bad behaviors? In the migrant camps the Jihadist gang run things like the mafia on hallucinogens.

Greece: Migrant camp “is full of jihadists…They say that if you are not Muslim I can rape you”

Think of it….not only do they shake you down. They proselytize about it endlessly afterword’s!




First Sign

It is wise to become concerned, at the FIRST crack in the dam. The one thing that assists in a denial is the lack of a definite tipping point in taking action.  That is why we are amazed when we see victims of mass carnage so sheepishly run to their doom at the demand of their destroyers. The fact is that most victims die cowering and waiting for a miracle.  Just remember America, “Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.” It is past time to take the millennium long (and longer) Jihad that has been foisted upon the west from Islam

Vlad the impaler was not as much a monster as he was a convincing defender of Christendom from the Turks who threatened and made a living out of various forms of extortion of the eastern European frontier. In many ways the man Dracula was patterned after was as much a hero as Charles “the Hammer” Martel who stopped an invasion of a Muslim army marching through Spain and southern France in Gaul (France).

Iran must be faced

Iran, and the whole of the middle east began it’s journy backwards in time in 1979 when the Ayatollah  emerged from under the exiled protection of the French and ran the Shaw of Iran out of power. 

One only has to listen as crowds of thousands, as government organized rallies,  shout of the Great Satan (the USA)  to get a sense of their feelings toward America. Their statement toward Israel is the promise to “wipe Israel off the map”. Although there are several Muslim majority countries in the middle and far east Iran carries the special charge of being the only Islamic Caliphate supported by the structure of a theocracy based on Shariah, an archaic system of legal codes that include limb amputation the outlawing and execution of various minorities (gay men are routinely killed). In other words it is a Muslim country with no lingering desire to modernize in any social sense. They will dane to build nuclear bombs though.

They are the greatest supplier and monetary backer of militant Islamic movements across the world. They are the only state to boldly proclaim that they will be the tinder from which the flames of the final Armageddon will burst forth to kill all Jews as well as  get even with the west for the crusades. Only world domination , a world Caliphate will signal an end to their Jihad.

The point is. Iran cannot be allowed to have nuclear weapons.

International Stalking

If you were to write it into a script people would say it was implausible. But in her flight from an ISIS who took her (under duress) as a “captive of the right hand” or in more familiar terms “sex slave”.

I believe there is going to be a problem with characters such as her ISIS captore integrating into the western culture. Klikdapik to get the story.

BBETTER CHECK UNDER YOU BED TONIGHT. You may have a guest from the middle east.         And not know it.

Members of HezbollahInfitration , migration,

“Remember, somewhere on the continuum between paranoia and denial is the truth.

It is the slow, incremental nature of the incursion that allows ample room for cultural denial. It is one of several tactics that have been used since 437, since the demise of the prophet.


We’re Soooooo Smart!


The image of a university is not referenced I the story behind the pik. It is an image of the regal baring of institutes of higher learning in western culture…..Where political submission and downright ignorance of history and the petty gripes of the politically correct find a bully pulpit from which to indoctrinate Americas  youth. (Remember, these youngsters are fresh out of High School and haven’t a clue past the mainstream medias perpetual propaganda. Muslim professor at University of California calls for “intifada” in America

Considering the Muzz Bro’hoods doctorine of infiltrate, agitate, and take over, everything is going as planned.


Inviting in our Guest

Legend has it that in order do his dirty business, Dracula cannot merely invade our home. The victim must invite the demon across the threshold.

I have always been impressed with Pat Condell.  His rant is anything but a rant. Logic and the scientific mind of western thought prevail throughout.  And this diatribe is but a harbinger of things to come. If America doesn’t awaken to the fact that what can happen across the pond is ours to accept or reject.




In asymmetrical warfare anything goes that will put soldiers on the ground in the country you are trying to conquer. Longshanks of the Braveheart variety once quipped “The problem with Scotland is too many Scots.” Thus he re-enacted the old tradition of  “jus primae  noctis”  (right of the first night) in an attempt to breed the Scots out of existence.  The mention of this ancient (now defunct) technique  for conquest has cropped up in the Muslim Brotherhoods charter for the take-over of western cultures.  One of the many influences that helped bring down the Roman Empire is the inclusion of foriegners all aspects of Roman life, including the military. They wanted the benefits of the Roman life-style but did not feel any particular loyalty to Roman beliefs. Rome rotted at the center and broke at the parapets when the Goths came lookin’ fer payback. YOu see the same inundation of Europe right now. Albeit most don’t know what they are doing but the result is the same. The host cultures are being diluted by enclaves of young JIhadi age middle easterners who want the benefits of western culture without adopting a strong belief in the welfare of the host countries. This is not idle reactionary opinion, We are at the nearing the culmination of a quest for a world wide Caliphate that started a millennia ad a half ago. It would behoove us to take the roar of the mouse  it seriously.