We’re Soooooo Smart!


The image of a university is not referenced I the story behind the pik. It is an image of the regal baring of institutes of higher learning in western culture…..Where political submission and downright ignorance of history and the petty gripes of the politically correct find a bully pulpit from which to indoctrinate Americas  youth. (Remember, these youngsters are fresh out of High School and haven’t a clue past the mainstream medias perpetual propaganda. Muslim professor at University of California calls for “intifada” in America

Considering the Muzz Bro’hoods doctorine of infiltrate, agitate, and take over, everything is going as planned.


Inviting in our Guest

Legend has it that in order do his dirty business, Dracula cannot merely invade our home. The victim must invite the demon across the threshold.

I have always been impressed with Pat Condell.  His rant is anything but a rant. Logic and the scientific mind of western thought prevail throughout.  And this diatribe is but a harbinger of things to come. If America doesn’t awaken to the fact that what can happen across the pond is ours to accept or reject.




In asymmetrical warfare anything goes that will put soldiers on the ground in the country you are trying to conquer. Longshanks of the Braveheart variety once quipped “The problem with Scotland is too many Scots.” Thus he re-enacted the old tradition of  “jus primae  noctis”  (right of the first night) in an attempt to breed the Scots out of existence.  The mention of this ancient (now defunct) technique  for conquest has cropped up in the Muslim Brotherhoods charter for the take-over of western cultures.  One of the many influences that helped bring down the Roman Empire is the inclusion of foriegners all aspects of Roman life, including the military. They wanted the benefits of the Roman life-style but did not feel any particular loyalty to Roman beliefs. Rome rotted at the center and broke at the parapets when the Goths came lookin’ fer payback. YOu see the same inundation of Europe right now. Albeit most don’t know what they are doing but the result is the same. The host cultures are being diluted by enclaves of young JIhadi age middle easterners who want the benefits of western culture without adopting a strong belief in the welfare of the host countries. This is not idle reactionary opinion, We are at the nearing the culmination of a quest for a world wide Caliphate that started a millennia ad a half ago. It would behoove us to take the roar of the mouse  it seriously.


Truffle Hunting

The most powerful man in Christendom, protector of the church and a man whose words touch the lives of millions is equivocating Christianity and Islam. In a quick rewrite of the New Testament the Pope implies Jesus telling his disciples to evangelize is the same as the admitted focus on the violent conquest  advocated by Islam!Italy Pope Holy Thursday

Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoyNo klik here just a clever toon

I Cannot Change the Channel Anymore


ISIS Bar-B-Ques while the world gasps at the murder of a precious creature…’Cecil’ the lion.

AP PhotoSince ‘Cecil  the lion’ was murdered by the evil “Dentist of Doom”, a little over a month ago: 240 Jihad attacks were committed in 22 different countries. Over 2000 deaths have been connected to Jihad. Critically injured are about the same, a little over two grand in injuries in the month since Cecil was callously dispatched to eternity.

CECIL THE LION  gets an AP dispatch this A.M., over a month since his demise. HAVE YOU HEARD anything about the ‘average month’ of killing along the bloody edge of the war on civilization.That Cecil et.al. (‘issue’ stories that are not particularly of historic significance, ya know anything Kanye West might garble) is not the greater shame. The crowning humiliation is that the American public is so easily deceived.  D.U.M.B.

As a child I suffered from many nightmares. Before I would go to sleep, as I lay in bed, I would ‘change the channel’ in my mind to a pleasant thought or event,  recent or future. This seemed to work. But then again, I was a child.   Adults face the fear. AND ACT AGAINST IT.