Strength of Character

A cool breeze wafts down the hoary halls of juris prudence as a judge of independent  character,  Judge T.S. Ellis decides not to sing harmony to a gaggle of attournies who hope they were in a star chamber rather than a court of law.  It’s the same game: to get to the big boy you can squeeze an associate until he will sing any song you wish to compose for him.  Judge Ellis has informed prosecution lawyers that their primary concern is sqeezing Manafort until he speaks damningly about President Trump.

Ellis has forbade any mention of the POTUS, collusion, or any reference to the work Manafort did for the president during the short period he was associated with his campaign. Such honest insight and assertive wrangling of the lawyers before him, sends a comforting message that the lynch mob mentality will not prevail in his court.

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