Hadrian’s Curse Exorcised


The ghost of Emperor Hadrian, sits in the shadows and laughs as the world struggles with the conundrum  he has left to us. During the Roman occupation of Israel he decreed that the area would be called Palestine, after the enemy of Israel, the Philistines, who vanished from history 600 years earlier.   The Jews are the only unified people who have laid claim to Israel from a thousand years before Hadrian’s decree, and for two thousand years since.  This guy……Donald Trump has verbally declared recognition of the disputed Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the relocation of our Embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. This move got cat-calls from most leaders in the middle east. In its typical peace-loving and cosmopolitan manner the response was a call to arms by the Palestinian authority for  “3 days of rage”. Wooo! We are all so surprised!  It is a gutsy move on Trumps part but  this  move has been promised by every president for several administrations.  Trump has had the audacity to do what no one else has…he has done what he said he would do.

This good. Thank you for supporting the only democracy in the mid-east; Mr. President!


Dude where’s my Embassy?


Spinning happens. Finding a henchman who will act as apologist is easy. FInding a video that has spinning more entertaining than this is easy. But what is revealed in this interview is the pedantic nature of those who are trusted custodians of the pubic trust. Of course I am noting the use of the word “dude” as the salient feature of the interview. Mr. VIeter is revealing that he was educated in the pubic school system that graduates many students who are left incapable of reading their diploma.
Thirty years ago I submitted an essay concerning the deterioration of the Engish language and the insipient encroachment of techno-jargon into the language. I have been keenly aware of the growing lack of respect for the language in our popular culture.
It is becoming rather disturbingly obvious that he, and many others of this generation are educated in a no-fail system. His sullen hypercynicism and sardonic replies evidence a second- rate intellect who is more accustomed to preaching to the quire than responding to criticism.
Sadly, Mr. Vieter is an example of the intellectual caliber of those we have entrusted with our nation . They have been pampered by the Media, and they aren’t used to being asked hard questions. Then maybe they sent a sycophant to do the job of a spin doctor?