They are Our Friends

President Trump announced that we are abandoning our Kurdish allies to almost certain death as we withdraw our military from Syria. Kurds, in a generational conflict with the Turks have been instrumental in  our victory over the forces of ISSIS. The Kurds have been long term friends of the U.S. and have always “had our backs” in conflicts in the area. They were quite helpful in the Iraq war, and have been quite vocal about their fondness for all things American in a region where some countries lead every Friday prayer session with “Death to America! The Great Satan!”

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The power vacuums that are left when the relatively small American force goes, and hell will have it’s way. There will not even be a set of eyes set upon  their back as they do their dirty work of disposing of the Kurds. That is all.  it only leaves the Russians as the big dog in the area, yes the vacuum  will be our blindness. Without emersion in  the broiling brawl  of the middle east we are nothing more than a rubes, cooing at a Pollack splatter. Either we are on the outside guessing who is shipping the dirty bomb into New York Harbor, or we know who signs off on it  and what he had for breakfast.  We will be giving card blanch to the Iranians as they consolidate power with Abbas and the Russians and Israel burns in the bargain.

Trump you are fucking up. Big time. I know my blog is  but a little voice in the wilderness, but I wish you would hear me.  Think this through! Please! It is not to late to reposition troops to take care of the Kurds. YOU just can’t do your friends this way………YOU CAN’T…………YOUR AN AMERICAN ………….DO THE RIGHT THNG!!!!!!


John Mixon

Come to PAPA Little Ones……

After having been inundated by the nihilistic barbarity of the ISIS gang. Muslims are running into the arms of Christ. As an apostate at best, I still find this conversion a lovely story illuminating the forgiveness and love that is central to New Testament doctrine as such a breath of fresh air for those in the clutch of the evil ISIS.

Image: Church of the Brethren in Kobane, Syria

Hey Guess What!…..We won!

I must declare guilt on my own art in not fully FEELING our victory over ISIS. Most of the reports were headed by the Iraqis as the primary protagonist in the story. Not much news concerning the U.S. advisers and special forces that were present, just the occasional news-belch about progress against the enemy and not much more.

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