How Far From a Shared Reality


This picture of Al Franken gives one the impression that he is a man of depth and dignity when he is but a clown.  Ironic!

As a psychologist I have worked with many narcissistic individuals, (mostly criminals). We all have a narcissistic aspects to our personality. But this is different.  Working with those who tend to get a diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, I have run into many who cannot see past their own experience.  As a population they tend to be attractive and often very successful in their careers, but their only fidelity is to themselves and their only reality is the reality they promote for self-aggrandizement.  The gentleman pictured above is the type who flip when caught and begin weeping for themselves, claiming that they have been “wronged by the man”. He is far from objective reality, unable to see past the horizon of their own experience.


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