Social Network


It is like being a witness to a fools parade. Where all are clowns with bullhorns. Much noise but no message. we cannot understand through the din of idiots, on bullhorns; preaching confessing and complaining.

Former Facebook exec: Social media is ripping apart society


There are too many who suffer under the delusion that they know something. 

The immediacy of face to face interaction is gone. The charm of face to face interaction is gone.  The depth of understanding that comes with face to face interaction, with each look, each twitch, raised eyebrow, smile, smirk, and frown is no longer there to help flesh out the meaning and give greater depth to our discourse.

Above all, it is the remote nature of sending messages through the network that erodes the restraint that comes with in-person conversation.Courage is easy as we snipe at one another from a distance.  Imagine a world where we can lie with impunity to a LOT OF PEOPLE, and the hurt we wreak upon each other can go unchallenged.

Now you enter a room and no one greets you. You speak and no one replies. Everyone is staring at  little screens. Conversation, once thought to be an art form, is now nothing more than an intrusion. There is something wrong with a society when one can walk into a room full of people and feel like a ghost who has not been told they are dead….No one looks up , there is no “Hello, how are ya” , no eye contact. Just a room full of mannequins riveted to their tiny screens. 


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