Personal note from me. The preceding posting concerning one of Harvey Weinsteins victims should not be construed as a statement against her accusations of sexual abuse at the hands of the pig Weinstein. I do not wish to diminish the severity of his actions in any way.

But I do have to be honest about the genesis of my mixed impresson on the issue of sexual harassment. As a surviver of the Phil Donahue era. Phil Donahue was the white counterpart to Oprah during the early seventies. He was a very popular talk show host who specialized in the vilification of men. His program was nothing more than a cattle call to a long line of man-hating females with terrible things to say about the male gender.  Donahue was not the only Elmer Gantry of man hating. You couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting someone with an ax to grind about men and their abhorrent behavior. The culture as a whole fell hook line and sinker for the notion that men were irredeemably vial and in need of immediate castration.

TO my horror I saw men’s lives ruined on the basis of accusations. Just accusations, no evidence, just the word of a pissed – off female. No due process. No consequence for false allegations. Just charges that ruined careers, marriages and reputations.

Soon the sensitivity of the public was screwed to the sticking point and just opening a door for a female became a despicable act of sexual insult.  Soon any touch or suggestive words were categorized as some form of abuse. The word rape lost it’s impact and those poor women who really were violently violated were put in the same catch-all as the dumb-ass spouts, “nice rack” on the beach while the victim of REAL RAPE layed up in a hospital bed, with knife wounds and her teeth knocked out.

I have five daughters. That is why I carry a 1911 A-1 when accompanying my girls or wife Deb (she’s a girl too.). I dare a father try to go to a park with five beautiful females. and not draw chumps in clusters,…some with less than honorable intentions. And of course it is my job to provide the security.

I thought that my girls would be angry at me scaring there new and used boyfriends. But the opposite is true, they encouraged me to scowl a bit and clean my .45 during boyfriends first visit just to get the ground rules set.

As a counselor of over twenty years service, I have received exactly 0 complaints of inappropriate behavior from clients. It’s not hard, just don’t say anything stupid and keep your hands to yourself.

A recent study of high school sexual harassment incidents two facts were found.

  1. If there is any groping, beware, you will likely “stand before the man”…….except…..
  2. If you are a hottie…..then it’s all cool.

I have one daughter who has been victimized by real rapist on two occasions. One involved her being held against her will while being violated repeatedly. Please, as a culture, let us begin to make vivid distinctions between rude, crude behavior and real assof sexual assault.ault and sexual violation. He pain and her scarred life should not be tossed into the basket with all the other trivialization of sexual assault.


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