The Weeping Woman Down the Hall

The wholesale subjugation of women in the muslim world has been going on for 1400 years, unbridled by western objection. Once upon a time the west could stand aside and ignore the abuse. Arabs were a distant people in an unfathomable society. The west could leave them to tend to their own while we look away massaging our denial. Oil, however, a brought us to an uncomfortably close relationship with a culture that has not advanced an iota since its birth in the seventh century. Our best bet to come away clean is to become energy independent so we can climb out of the pig pen before we end up covered in pig shit. 



The Saudi’s are full of Poopy-Kaka?

Bill Maher says we (the civilized world) should quit respecting Saudi bullshit. Usually I find little to agree with in Mr Maher’s  statements. But on this occasion  I agree. I agree with the first ladies refusal to wear any head cover during their recent photo-op with the Saudi family. The Saudi refusal to shake the first ladies hand would be seen as a terrible statement of disrespect in any other venue in the world. But it seems that the Muslim sensitivities hold sway over all other considerations. Other guests on this vid do say a  few things that could be construed as appeasement of the Saudi’s, but just avert you eyes and ears at the delicate moments if you please.