The Jew on the Ground

The pic below links to an article on the Islamic standard for relations with non-Muslims in Muslim-majority countries. The second class citizens, (anyone who is not Muslim)  “should be made to feel” their subjugation to their Muslim masters through deliberate humiliation. Whether it is kissing the feet or taking the floor while the Muslim takes the bed, the Koran states this is proper treatment of “dhimmies”. A dhimmie is a non-Muslim living in a Muslim majority society.

The “dhimmie” shown kissing the feet of his Muslim tormentor, does so because of the several Muslims who are not pictured but who have threatened to attack the Jew on the ground if he doesn’t humiliate himself.

We see the treatment of women as furniture, marriage as a disposable amenity, and fellow humans of a differing belief system humiliated as second class citizens. What is there in this “religion” that compliments our society. Where does Islam dovetail with Christianity or Judaism, our founding religions. It doesn’t. Simple as that. There is no way the full blossom of Islam can thrive in America or any area of  Europe.

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