Spitting on Jews. The pertinent question is why is it acceptable to spit on Jews?  The spitters were Muslims. And there were no arrests, no crowed management in response to the assaults, no reaction by officials at all. Spitting on someone, (in particular in the age of AIDS) is considered assault in most venues. If I were Jewish I would see this incident with grave concern. What other times could the powers that be expected to help protect Jews….but didn’t.  By deliberation, they were abandoned to the tender mercies of the mob .For more KLIKDAPIK below. 

A similar sentiment was expressed with reference to the annihilation of Jews on protest signs that pointed to an ancient battle in which many Jews were massacred. Reference to the return of a Shia leader that would return to help dispose of the Jewish population was also included.


Members of the Kurdish security forces ride in vehicles during an intensive security deployment in Diyala province north of Baghdad November 19, 2014. Iraqi armed forces backed by the Kurdish peshmerga launched an attack on November 19 to liberate Sadiya town, in Diyala province, east of the Iraqi capital Baghdad. Picture taken November 19, 2014. REUTERS/Stringer (IRAQ - Tags: CIVIL UNREST POLITICS MILITARY)OUR CANADIAN BROTHERS STILL HAVE RED BLOOD IN THEIR VEINS! THROWIN’IN WITH THE KURDS!

Give it to the Mounties, they always get their terrorist! Little bro north of the line is pissed at the Parliament shooting and lookin’ for payback! Canada is the well meaning, slightly thick but big hearted younger bro. Buck the Canuk! He is an ax handle broad at the shoulders, two and a half yards tall and  narrow at the hips.  A big lumberjack kid that doesn’t get into town too much.  Bless Canada, you are almost criminaly bland but you are ever faithful. (Lets have that close fisted slightly awkward bro hug……No hip action man)!


Ex.  Royal Canadian Mounty Ret.  and Sgt. at Arms of the Canadian Parliament, Kevin Vickers got a rousing standing ovation (and desk-lid banging)  from the Canadian Parliament. He carried the moment with dignity.  No ‘spiking the ball’ behavior of self congratulation.His deportment, restraint and humility  spoke simple elegance  to the masculine mission “to stand in harms way”. The  moment was historic. 

New York: Man attacks cops with hatchet, police investigating possible tie to Islamic State calls for jihad attacks against police

Hatchet attack in New York  one officer critical, one with lesser, (but serious) injuries.


Martin Rouleau

Jihadi action two days ago: Two victims run down with a car. Looks like a 60’s bad Spy movie uber-villian. HOW ACCOMODATING =)


“Workplace violence” Spreading as an Epidemic into The New World


About five days ago ISIS sent out the call for a general fatwah to kill infidels “anyway you could”. One way mentioned was automotive attack. Carried out by a Canadian Jihadi who ran down two soldiers killing one and injuring the other. Essentially a  general ZOMBIE call to arms has been made. And they are coming out of the walls.