French Toasted

Things in France feel a bit unsettled. There are areas that pose a threat to the police, ambulances and other first responders who are growing more and  more wary of conflicts with Muslim expats when they are called into service in migrant enclaves. Rather than adapting to the cultural imperatives expected of French citizens, migrants are coalescing into defensive ghettos that carry a chip on their shoulders, ready and eagerly waiting for ‘infidel’ French involvement to trigger another conflict.

We don’t worry about dragons under our bed. We don’t fret that we will spin down the drain when the bath tub empties. We don’t lose sleep worrying about ball  bearings penetrating our bedroom walls. We are in the civilized west. We don’t worry. We are in “Fortress  America” and our moat (the Atlantic Ocean)  is a couple thousand miles wide.


We should feel safe. But the sense of safety is a fragile thing. A snap of a twig in  the shadows is enough to shatter our serenity. The flash of eyes in the darkness can terrify a whole boy scout troop in a second.

18 years ago yesterday terrorists of the Muslim variety went to work one morning. Just one morning on American soil. The action of suicide crashing three planes into the World Trade Towers and Pentagon in  just a couple of hours, precipitated two wars, one  of which we are still fighting, and a general mobilization of our military throughout the world. Thousands beyond the three thousand lost on that first morning have fallen fighting the Taliban creatures, and Al-Qaida, the Fedayeen and  their cute Toyota technicals and  ultimately, ISIS.

Our world has been changed. The changes have been forced upon us. When I walked across the street to Longfellow Public Grade School as a young miscreant, having to pass through a metal detector was beyond my experience. But our world has been changed,………forever. Keep an eye on Europe….get educated.


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