Krauthammer cites two statements made by Attorney General Holder.  Holder states that he hopes the vandalism doesn’t obscure the true thrust of the protest. And that such behavior should not be “condoned”. Condoned?  The riot,  the destruction of a  town! And the best he’s got is “shall not condone”. How bout  “will not be tolerated” how bout “will be stopped?”  To condone is to approve. We shall not approve? Pretty lame if you ask me.  The riots and destruction should not be tolerated because it is wrong to riot. And this thing about  the riots obscuring the point?. I guess the message I’m missing  is that cops are roaming around in pick-up trucks firing  at black citizens, dragging black family’s from church meetings to  lynch…oops..that’s what the mob wants for officer Wilson.

The facts are as follows. For three months a town in Missouri has been under siege over a false issue that offers as much threat to your average black citizen as winning the lotto. WAY LESS THAN 1%  of blacks killed are dispatched by a police officer. It is actually such a puny percentage that rounding it would give you an answer of zero.

All the time, riots, anger, violence, destroyed property, damaged race relations. All over a relatively rare event. However, (it’s a big however) over 93% of African Americans murdered, are murdered by African Americans! Why is there no call to fight true Black on Black violence. For there is a real epidemic of Black on Black crime, but the powers that could do something about the situation, still prefer piddling with a splinter’ while the heart of the black community is actually  skewered  by  a huge  wooden stake.

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