Satan made the Fool

JESUS PALAMENO!  Did this cartoonist illustrate Mein Kampf for Adolf . And I better find mocho domestic coverage of the Anti-Semitic aspects of this toon or heads will roll. ………………..My head that is,………………. will roll right off my shoulders.

On the mourning that a synagogue massacre was stopped by a jammed gun and a border patrol agent who happened to be at the right place at the right time. Luckily, the agent was carrying at the time and was able to discourage the shooter with incoming gunfire. The bad guy ran away and was later apprehended.  Only one innocent death but some injuries,  one  of which was a child.  Bless the man who stood in harms way  and drove off the evil that would take the lives of innocents. Amen!

Do you think that IIan Omar will be took to the woodshed for her “green light” to Anti-Semitic  brethren.  Or was this ,  based upon what congressmen are allowed to say and inspire, just enough encouragement to push him out of line  and into the Synagogue?

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