An Unholy War, Against Christianity

About 1914 the remnants of athe Muslim, Ottoman Empire desided to get rid of all the Armeninas in Turky. They were Christian, relegated to the position of fitna and death would be their fate. This is a genocide  you don’t hear much about. It is a good example of the Jihad that has been waged against Christians for 1400 years.  A  body count of over a million and a half marks their path.  Below is a pik of one of the death marches they were forced to make as their world was shattered and they were raped, tortured and murdered by their Muslim tormentors. Christianity is, at present, the most oppressed religious group in  the world, with more attacks aimed at Christians than any other religion in the world…… excluding the constant murder of fellow Muslims over the Sunni VS Shia killing that has gone on since the very day of Mohammed’s death at the beginning  of the 8th century.. I would strongly advise a perusal of the both the linked article as well as the rough footage of the movie made a couple of years after the event.  Aurora Mardiganian, a survivor of the Genocide, got a movie of the events made a couple of years after her arrival in America and she is in fact, in  a couple of scenes in the movie. Only 20 minutes or so, survive to this day, but it is worthwhile to take a look at it. Get Educated, I did.

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