The In-Sultan of Brunei

The tiny little fellow pictured below is the sultan of Brunei. An individual famous, (infamous) for his sexual exploits and over-the-top orgies, has recently installed Sharia as Brunei’s  legal code. If you are gay you can be stoned to death, thrown off a high place, or hanged.  If you steal a Twinkie you could lose an arm. If you steal another Twinkie you will lose the foot on the opposite side of the body, and if you just can’t help but hobble into the quick shop for another shot at it….well who knows?  If you step out on your husband you get stoned to death. If you step out on your wife you can get…… pats on the back and a few fist bumps for scoring.

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Time Machine……Sharia!

I have provided a little map to illuminate those who can’t find Brunei on a map. Like me.  “Sharia Law”  is being imposed by the  ‘Sultan of Brunei’  with a little help from his mullahs.

Locator Map of Brunei Darussalam

The vid linked below is raw footage of a Mullah explaining that Sharia law Trumps all other legal systems. Because it’s from God and cannot be refuted or changed in any way. A thief gets one hand amputated, second offense a foot/leg on the opposite side is cut off. Being gay is a no-no. Out of wedlock sex will get you a public whipping….Infidelity can get you jail time or a fatal stoning….. the list goes on and on till it reaches the seventh century.