Gritty Grass Roots and Other Cardboard Cut-Outs

Hypocrisy runs deep in politics. As a matter of fact, ol’ Bill Shakespeare said it best, (he always says it best), “All the worlds a stage and we are but players….”,  could serve as a job description for most politicians. Politics, by it’s dubious virtue of a foundation planted in selling oneself to strangers as secular messiahs, lends itself to fabrication trumping facts. Your basic politician relies on three facators in order to get elected….1) The ignorance of the voters and….. 2). The skill of lying convincingly. 3) The mob has a short memory, (what was damaging and damning yesterday is but a fading thought by the morrow).  Our present president would have a much better time of it if he could feign stately gravitas rather than be himself and if he remembered the credo of the candidate…..Words over action. Image over substance. Promise the world and…..deliver zip!


A Bit of the Truth


This gentleman is a righteous dude. He is my son-in-law.

Beyonce klikdapik Anthony Williams – Tempe Lake, Az.


The old saying is ‘The road to ‘hell is paved with good intentions’  and I cannot know the deeper motivations of those who advocate for one cause or another. But my gut, (when you trust your gut you are seldom wrong) turns and tells me that Bouncy and Jazzy (below) are another pair of rich Limousine Liberals who buy a righteous  image with a wad of their limitless funds tossed in the right direction with cameras always in attendance.



And the Lord will “Double Tap” the house of the condemned.

Drone strike

It is disturbing to me to hear the deafening silence coming from our loyal opposition concerning the “selection” of targets by the guy who carried the most liberal voting record of virtually everyone in congress.  Nothing is said in the servile Obamapress corps or liberal pundits that take the commander in chief to task for violating the sovereignty of other nations at will and murdering foreign nationals at will.  But, alas, nada.  Not a peep.  The invariable collateral damage that such strikes cause has been blatantly unaddressed by the national press entities.  Is Obama a “Murderer in Chief?”  The practice of putting a second missile into the target site is a particularly nasty tactic.  After the first missile, those who rush in to assist the injured are visited with a second rocket.  And further “collateral damage” occurs.  Said damage could be a group of bad guy affiliates or maybe a dinner party with innocent women and children.

Bush did it.  This I do not doubt.  But he didn’t posture as a moral superior and lord it over the people whom he is to merely SERVE.

It is a question of a value system built upon situational ethics and moral relativism. “Oh! Presto!  Chango!.”  Pillery the professionals waterboarding some mass murderers to save American lives, then finger those “marked for death” like John Gotti.