Pushing the Issue and Loving It!

An interesting little interview video addresses current attitudes toward conservatism on this particular campus. As expected, conservatives are given short shrift by the students interviewed . It appears that although they might not be comfortable with the word “camp” being used in retraining errant conservatives, they are not above supplying euphemisms like “sensitivity training” etc. to the targeting and compulsive re-education of a group of Americans for nothing more than being conservative in their political views. Of course most of the students on American campuses would probably think that Treblinka is a tasty pastry..

The subject of abortion is a dark issue. It is disturbing to see so many young people who have been so desensitized to the death of innocents. Women, once thought to be the custodians of morality, kindness, empathy, and caretaking in our culture, seem to be leading the charge to kill little human beings. Whoops were we wrong!

The most disturbing thing about this video is that some of the interviewees seem bold and proud of being utter imbeciles. The question is simple; Who is the 45th president?







I have several primal memories from of my childhood that I recall clearly because I was so shocked at the time. One of these primal memories involved surgery. When I first discovered what would happen if they removed my appendix I was deeply dismayed. “You can’t cut into somebody!” I thought it absolutely barbaric that you would cut somebody deliberately. The basic values of “BooBoo’s are bad” collided with the reality of surgery. You could cut the cognitive dissonance with a knife! Christians have built quite a culture in the last eon or two.  America’s internal stuggle pits the sanctity  of human life  against the  grim reality of killing a human being. The miracle of birth  versus ex- post- facto birth control. We  But to kill a human being with the bottom line meaning the uncounseled, secret abortion initiated by a thriteen year old girl is OK. Don’t even have to inform the parents. Yet we question the maturity and judgement of that same child when it comes to buying beer before age 18. We know down deep that pride cometh before the fall. So are we  play-acting ( bad acting at that) God? Our values are beginning to look like a carnival mirrors grotesque reflection of a heretofore  thoughtful, life loving culture.


At one time we felt we could do nothing to interfere with God’s handiwork. We considered the pre-born as  special beings, intrinsically  deserving of special consideration and protection. It was when women looked at possibly giving their life in child-birth that the sacred nature of child-birthing is revealed. For the miracle of the child the woman risks it all. She may die while giving life. All things considered, how do you risk it all for something considered nothing more than a troublesome lump of flesh?  We can believe life is sacred or die giving birth to mediocrity? So we have that uncomfortable feeling, as a nation. that we have already crossed some inviolable line. But the abortionist would have us believe that the line did not even exist. So we are torn. Do we suffocate in the hubris of the Left? Do we demand our daughter birth the rape baby? We are hoisted on own petard. How much do we limit it? Why has it become so much more than a answer to limiting back – street abortions. Abortion has become the flag ship of the left. For some the debate is done, humans can play god with the lives of the unborn and those unborn have no value passed our selfish need to have a baby or be free of encumbrances in our recreational sex life. For some there is no cognitive dissonance. And without boundries it is all arbitrary. A woman is walking to planned parenthood to get an abortion, while en rout she is accosted and robbed. During the  robbery she is knocked to the ground and loses her baby. Now the woman who was about to kill her baby is angry at her mugger and charges for murder are filed against the criminal. He spends the rest of his life in jail and she is happy she got her abortion without having to pay for it…



ghoulish abortionist found dead!……..and then?

As Lieutenant Robert Maynard closed with the  murderous pirate Blackbeard, (Edmund Teach) he spread sand on the decks of his sleuth. It was a common maritime practice at the time…if you didn’t want your men to slip in the blood that would soon soak the deck. And Maynard, soon to be engaged in hand to hand meat cleaving, soon to see formidable Mr. Teachs’ head separate from his neck…would glance down and take note of the ocean of blood-soaked history he had traversed to reach that moment.

In C.E. 52 Emperor Claudius set gladiatorial games on a small lake near Rome. For the amusement of Claudius and the mob, 19,000 gladiators fought out a desperate battle. Such was the popular entertainment of that empire.

In the 15th century, Aztec human sacrifice (a priest would tear the still-beating heart from the victim), reached numbers hovering around 250,000 murdered indians per annum.

We know the drill…Stalin: 24 million dead

Hitler: 6 million Jews for a starter

Pol Pot: 2 to 5 million, etc., etc.,

And yet we have traced the signature of living individuals to populations walking this earth thousands of years ago. We have seen the history of humanity in a single strand of DNA. The young hip and tragically cool, marvel at such achievements, smug in the unimpeachable superiority of secular humanism over religiosity.

Then the very same young Turks decide when life is life . They swear that man is game for the challenge of making the fateful selection of the moment when a fetus is not a human being. Like they “selected” on the station deck at Aushwitz maybe?

United States of America , (take a look in the mirror): 53 million dead.”

I have encountered, ad nauseam grande’, that glassy-eyed stare that accompanies lurid descriptions of reading the whole of history through the genetics of a single living female  from females who can see fruit of that strand of eternal DNA torn apart  on a whim.

…and whoever saves a life, it is….as if he saved an entire world.” (Talmud)???

It must be difficult to make selective sensitivity look genuine.