A couple of decades ago I heard an instructor, white, female and unusually tall, (though quite unattractive) gloat that in fifty years whites would be another minority in America. She was a bit of a sad sack, living with her parents again after escaping an abusive marriage with her life, and just that, no more. She seemed to hold a grudge against the culture that spawned both her and her abusers……..WHITE MEN!  Evidently this woman anxiously awaited the day that she would see white boys get their comeuppance.

As more and more African Americans are waking up and doing the math, the party is hemorrhaging votes as they leave the Blue Plantation in increasing numbers.

Poor, needy and desperate Hispanics are pouring across our southern frontier. A population made to order to become the next to turn government safety nets into hammocks as the democratic party passes out the ‘bamaphones and food stamps, Aid to Dependent Children, Section Eight Housing, free health care, free college tuition, etc. ad infinitum. Oh! Yeah, free freedom, It comes with a genuine Democratic chip to wear on ones shoulder as a sign of superior empathy and righteousness.

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