BELOW IS THE LEAD PHOTO RELEASED BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS illustrating the activity around the capital on the morning of the vote to either confirm or reject  Brett Kavanagh as a Judge on the highest court of the land.  I know I am supposed to believe that there is no bias in the mainstream media, but when you lead the article with a huge sign that says “Kavanagh Liar” one gets the message…. And we ain’t talkin’ “Dog Whistle” here….. nothing unclear as to the left leanings of the Associated Press. Drudge didn’t help matters much, generously gifting,  with, the charming , albeit chubby bathroom wisdom…………. “The rage of the left!” with ” WALL URINAL”  Amy Schumer, raising a fist of defiance at the camera.  Imparting open and riotous rage Overall, the short article describes the mornings activities with no blathering histrionics and an interesting description of each sides attitudes and activities.


A Post Modern Lynching



American Media is biased against anything conservative. They underreport or just ignore stories that could support a conservative viewpoint. With the ABC, NBC, and CBS screening which information goes where they can create and control the masses vision of the world. With over 90% of the press voting democrat, they work hand in glove with the candidate and administration that reflects their  political bias. …

Right now the dog pile is quite obvious. No attempt has been made in denying that they are stalking Trump, picking up every bit of garbage they find in his wake in the hopes that they can prevent his achieving the presidency.