Gritty Grass Roots and Other Cardboard Cut-Outs

Hypocrisy runs deep in politics. As a matter of fact, ol’ Bill Shakespeare said it best, (he always says it best), “All the worlds a stage and we are but players….”,  could serve as a job description for most politicians. Politics, by it’s dubious virtue of a foundation planted in selling oneself to strangers as secular messiahs, lends itself to fabrication trumping facts. Your basic politician relies on three facators in order to get elected….1) The ignorance of the voters and….. 2). The skill of lying convincingly. 3) The mob has a short memory, (what was damaging and damning yesterday is but a fading thought by the morrow).  Our present president would have a much better time of it if he could feign stately gravitas rather than be himself and if he remembered the credo of the candidate…..Words over action. Image over substance. Promise the world and…..deliver zip!



The human brain evolved from the primitive to the complex. The most primitive instincts for feeding, fighting, fleeing   and fornication are found in the deep structures of the  “Hind brain”,  or R-Complex (Reptilian complex).. The Mid brain (limbic system) is at the level of development of a puppy. The warm and fuzzy emotions are characteristic at this level, cuddling and cooing, reveling and grieving happen in the Limbic system.  Then the thing that makes us human, the neo-cortex, (New Brain) responsible for  logic,abstract thought, and all other higher level functions is wrapped around the whole mess in a layer just 3 or 4 centimeters thick..

It is apparent, regardless of political party, that politicians have a skill set that is born of the most primitive instincts buried in the R-complex . To say politicians are “snakes in the grass”, is actually a truthful statement of fact. Only alphas make it to the top! 
This video may take on a little deeper context as you witness politicians doing what they do. LIZARD KINGS ONE AND ALL !