At this moment,  Michael Cohen, ex lawyer working for Trump, already convicted for lying to congress, and two months from a prison stay for a plethora of lies he crafted to deceive congress and the American people, is speaking before another oversight committee. The session has been put together as an attack on President Trump. There are no charges levied against Trump. They are just fishing for what they can get. Anything they can get…to impeach this embattled president. Unable to reconcile the results of the presidential election, the Democrats have chosen obstruction and attack over doing the job they were hired for, legislation.

This hearing is another attack. Supported by a mainstream press, glutted with Democrats working to “get something” on this president.  The press appears to have quit their jobs as journalists, picked up the sign and joined the picket lines of protesters. With over 90% negative coverage by the mainstream press, it is clear they are partisans for the left.

In this tsunami of “gotcha” opinion pieces thinly disguised as news, one of the press has had the personal courage to step forward and state what has been obvious. Lara Logan, a journalist practically from birth, has broken rank and courageously spoken out about the bias against the president.

There is not one reporter that believes her /she can do anything personally to get this president. They know they can incite others to do their dirty work. In inciting the public to get this president they have stoked the fires of racism, and intolerance until the race relations in America are at an all-time low. Most of the vitriol being passed about, the “white privilege”, and “dog whistles” riots  and supposed “over-policing” of blacks can all be traced back to the words of anger and intolerance that virtually gush from media operatives. Never has  there been such abuse of  positions of trust.

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