Pushing the Issue and Loving It!

An interesting little interview video addresses current attitudes toward conservatism on this particular campus. As expected, conservatives are given short shrift by the students interviewed . It appears that although they might not be comfortable with the word “camp” being used in retraining errant conservatives, they are not above supplying euphemisms like “sensitivity training” etc. to the targeting and compulsive re-education of a group of Americans for nothing more than being conservative in their political views. Of course most of the students on American campuses would probably think that Treblinka is a tasty pastry..

The subject of abortion is a dark issue. It is disturbing to see so many young people who have been so desensitized to the death of innocents. Women, once thought to be the custodians of morality, kindness, empathy, and caretaking in our culture, seem to be leading the charge to kill little human beings. Whoops were we wrong!

The most disturbing thing about this video is that some of the interviewees seem bold and proud of being utter imbeciles. The question is simple; Who is the 45th president?