Poland Knows

Hubris, arrogance, grandiosity. The self absorption and believing your own press releases. Such are the imbecilities of the European union.  A region that depopulated itself in 1917 with the meat grinder of WWI then within 30 years, these countries  combusted again as Germany invaded it’s neighbors, one of which was Poland. ….”.FOOL ME ONCE… you know the rest. Klikdapik for recent developments I am proud of Poland for not falling tor the politicily correctoids strong-arm of shame.



get on welfare,

commit an inordinate of crime,

Stress the culture.

Impose Sharia Law as a solution


The Poles Have It!


To the aggravation  of the EU, Poland is suffering a bad case of  rational thinking.. In boldly facing the EU down in refusing to open her borders to the Muslim Diaspora pouring across what were once thought to be  sovereign frontiers of Europe, they have grossly disappointed those who are still convinced that somewhere, somehow. there must be unicorns frolicking about.

The overarching strategy of “squat and undermine”  in Islamic expansion has served their intent to great effect in their efforts at establishing a world-wide caliphate for fourteen hundred years.  (KLIKDAPIK)