What is a Conservative? Pt. 1

A few principles of  conservatism are defined below. Bare in mind that this is not a long list.  Just some ideas about the modern conservative,  with videos that support the text and make it a bit more interesting.

Conservatism is evolving. You either change with the times or you become history. The point of greatest change nowadays lies not in the question, “What is a conservative?” but rather, “Who is a conservative.”  The modern conservative movement embraces diversity. Many minorities, once thought “‘owned” by the Liberal side,  are coming over to join the conservative movement. Conservatives are makig progress in putting forth a party that looks young, diverse, and maybe a bit edgy.

A Dictionary  definition  of “Conservative” explains: One who is disposed to support cultural traditions, established institutions, and  long standing values.

Well that explains almost nothing. Ask a dozen “experts” on politics or society; “What’s a Conservative?” and you will come back with a dozen different definitions. And if you try to cover it all in a single definition you get vague crap like the definition at the beginning of this paragraph.

Limited Government: All conservatives are for limited government. They believe in self-reliance  and personal autonomy and reject  encroachment of government in their lives. Conservatives try to avoid becoming dependent on the government to fulfill our needs.

 Family values:  Concern about the survival of the American family in it’s traditional role as the foundation of western culture. These conservatives  promote “family values” as a guiding principle.

Capitalism: Is the belief in the free market as the healthiest engine of progress in a society. In fact it has been said that capitalism has lifted more people from poverty than all other known systems.

Conservatives see a limited role for Government in their lives.

Liberals/Progressives see big, intrusive government as the caretaker of everyone.

Progressives reject competition to protect the feelings of any potential losers.

Conservatives see failure as a valuable part of life.

Coservatives think competition heathy for society and the economy.

Progressives/liberals, reject individual achievement for acceptance to the group. And ultimately reliance on the government for their needs.










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