A Melancholy Dane


A small miracle happened yesterday. A head of state tells the truth. And with any luck there will be others who will see the strength in her words and respond in kind. Queen Maragrethe II  of Denmark stated some obvious facts about the wests relationship with Islam and the anti-Semites that are surfacing in increasing numbers in Europe.. 

Denmark Queen

Queen Margarethe of Denmark.. Pissed about anti-Semitism.

Denmark will not tolerate Jew hating and bating. Words that it would be best to heed and emulate. And for the cherry on the banana split of truth she is serving, “Islam must have opposition!”



Lets Get Rockin’

Boy if the GOP doesn’t  back this dude they should be run through pear cactus. Young, fresh, Hispanic, and a family as pretty as he. Young, attractive, energetic and above all, new to the arena of presidential politics Rubio exudes an aura of John Kennedy. and the  sparkling spires of Camelot.






….or we have the hoary winds of what has been. Hillary is on the attack.. The object of her derision is not the death cult threatening all, not the creeping socialism that has sapped the vitality of the governments of Europe. Hillary, a liberal, is attacking the wealthy. Wow what a breath of fresh issues!!! By the way, how much are the Clinton worth? Bills wad alone tops 80 million clams. Hypocrisy of these dimensions defies description


Shooting Fish in a Barrel

Yes, there has been an indisputable deference to all things Muslim in our presidents discourse, beginning with special mention during his inaugural address. An honor not afforded  to any other belief system including Christianity. When our own president makes special mention of  Christians it is always to condemn, never to praise.  Finally, a president who can rein in the wanton damage inflicted by Christians on the rest of the world. (Sarcasm).

One hopes the wishful thinking and spastic equivocating represented by MSM’s cherry picking examples of Christian terrorism, is not the new normal…..




It would be nice to report my absence of a couple of months was a fulfilling sabbatical that has recharged my spirit and refreshed my outlook.  Not the case.  In what appears to be a stunning betrayal,  Deb (my spouse) and I have been liberated.  Liberated, primarily, from a roof over our head. We are presently homeless.



What do you say when you  have failed to meet the needs of moochers and human tics that have attached themselves to you? How do you make it right with a leach that is disappointed in your lousy provision of the easy life?  What do you say when the leeches move out after they have drained the final dregs of your last good tit?After twenty-five years of sacrifice, patience beyond understanding, commitment, and crippling labor, our precious progeny have crapped in their own nest.  Now all bets are off.

What do you say when the bear has tired of mauling you?