JON Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.

The pic  below refers to a statement by  President Lyndon Johnson back in the 1960’s. It’s.ubiquitous in political circles but no one can prove it is authenticity. It describes the welfare state created through Johnson’s  “Great Society”  program, which paid women with dependant children monthly stipends per child if no male was in the house to offer financial assistance. This had the affect of running males from the home. Cash and other benefits had the affect of making the governmant the spouse of the house. There are a few other factors but this quote follows on the heels of the civil rights movement and is a good prologue for a discussion of the deterioration of the traditional family and culture of America.

The feminization of the cullture. The hard left turn of public school instructers and the dominance of the main stream media by progressives have come to create a perfect storm for the dismantling of the America I was born to.

.America is a business and. socialism is an unsustainable drain on the free-market economy.  the pik below sums up the problem of socialism in a nutshell…… and to sum it up ………THE UPCOMING ELECTION MUST BE WON BY PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP……..IF HE IS DEFEATED……THE DREAM  OF AMERICA, THE COUNTRY I LOVE……… WILL DIE…….


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One report asserted that we could destroy the world 36 times over. Possesed between both, several thousand nuclear warheads were aimed and ready for the apocalypse. Obama asserts not much differance between socialism and capitalism. Two nations played toe the line for 60 years, but Obama is the one who got it right. “Right?”  Stalin (a commie) killed an estimated 20million people of his own population through various pograms and midnight disappearances.  Pol Pot (commie) murdered a couple million when we left ‘Nam, etc. etc.  The Rogues gallery is linked in the pic below. KLIKIT!!Khmer_rouge









What is a Conservative? Pt. 1

A few principles of  conservatism are defined below. Bare in mind that this is not a long list.  Just some ideas about the modern conservative,  with videos that support the text and make it a bit more interesting.

Conservatism is evolving. You either change with the times or you become history. The point of greatest change nowadays lies not in the question, “What is a conservative?” but rather, “Who is a conservative.”  The modern conservative movement embraces diversity. Many minorities, once thought “‘owned” by the Liberal side,  are coming over to join the conservative movement. Conservatives are makig progress in putting forth a party that looks young, diverse, and maybe a bit edgy.

A Dictionary  definition  of “Conservative” explains: One who is disposed to support cultural traditions, established institutions, and  long standing values.

Well that explains almost nothing. Ask a dozen “experts” on politics or society; “What’s a Conservative?” and you will come back with a dozen different definitions. And if you try to cover it all in a single definition you get vague crap like the definition at the beginning of this paragraph.

Limited Government: All conservatives are for limited government. They believe in self-reliance  and personal autonomy and reject  encroachment of government in their lives. Conservatives try to avoid becoming dependent on the government to fulfill our needs.

 Family values:  Concern about the survival of the American family in it’s traditional role as the foundation of western culture. These conservatives  promote “family values” as a guiding principle.

Capitalism: Is the belief in the free market as the healthiest engine of progress in a society. In fact it has been said that capitalism has lifted more people from poverty than all other known systems.

Conservatives see a limited role for Government in their lives.

Liberals/Progressives see big, intrusive government as the caretaker of everyone.

Progressives reject competition to protect the feelings of any potential losers.

Conservatives see failure as a valuable part of life.

Coservatives think competition heathy for society and the economy.

Progressives/liberals, reject individual achievement for acceptance to the group. And ultimately reliance on the government for their needs.