Most narcissists are invested in presenting a “perfect” persona. Any implication of an imperfection, regardless of the trivial nature of the slight, an exaggerated response will come. The exaggerated response could be a “How dare you say that!” tantrum, or a weeping “I suck so bad! Why are you oppressing me so!” In her continues quest to establish her infallibility Ms. Clintons defeat has transformed into her obsession. She can’t get over it. That buffoon Trump cant win. I was chosen!…….Anointed?”

Hillary Clinton on stage

The Sacred Cow …..KAPUT!


There, before me, I saw a sacred cow drop dead. It is the instinctive reaction to trust the FBI to pursue wrong-doing without passion or prejudice. Politicians could come and go but the career boys at the Federal Bureau of Investigation would save the day and fight injustice without regard to politics.

So this is the end of innocence. My naiveté’  destroyed; Ephraim Zimbalist Jr. (star of the series “The FBI”) is spinning like a top in his grave.  KLIKDAPIK below and find out.

The Gestapo of Nazi Germany during WWII is what happens when a policing organization is the running-dog-lackey, of a corrupt administration.


Good Form for the New Norm

The Mullahs Favorite Momma, Valerie Jarret  assists POTUS in instructing Ms. Clinton in the proper greeting when entering Iran-U.S. negotiations.

      I just thought this would look good on the page.    An official “Obamabow” blow job was cited as a good ice breaker with these intimate little meets and greets! (Hold the back bacon boys! )……………………..>>>>>>>


Just a Little Nugget

Here’s a little nugget: Irony, a sweet revenge of time. Remember ‘Bimbo eruptions” being a problem during Bills campaign? Remember how ferociously Bill and Hill tried to discredit, nay, destroy the almost constant flow of females pointing the finger at hubby for all manner of infidelities, rapes and near rapes (in at least one case a bloody lip was sustained by one of the so-called bimbos).

How will she handle a question directed toward the fact that she lied and denied to protect the perp. Her husband. At the time,…..President of the United States……  Of America….

Yeah she said that women who cry rape should be believed and listened to.