Can You Take a Hint?


A client once complained to me how difficult life was getting since they stopped drinking and drugging. He had a crowd of complaints about his job, his spouse, his kids, etc.  It was snowing heavily that night. So I suggested that he spend the night sleeping in his car,  (just like the “bad ole’ days) so he could get a more realistic idea of what a true difficulty is as well as have him revisit the kind of accommodation booze had provided in the past and, if he didn’t find some spine, would again arrange for his future.

He quieted down about his difficulties then. And felt better. Two days ago there was another movement to jack the minimum wage to  fifteen dollars an hour. Yesterday Wal Mart closed the stores. No  real warning (about two hours). Could this be a reality check? Could they be recipients of a hard lesson from the founders of the feast? HMMMMM?

The more fanciful angels of my nature really believe the timing was just a little too timely. Again, HMMM?