Local Hero, humble, courageous, self- deprecating. Where are these guys grown? Is there some subterranean  hydroponics facility where they are gently nurtured and given Kung Fu programming?

Congrats buddy and thanks for carrying on the flag for yor gender. Men, taking it on the chin in recent decades, need a good positive incident where the good guy beats up the bad guy and saves the day for the innocent bystanders.

Jean Paul LaPierre sounds like the name of an action hero. And you can't say he doesn't live up to the billing.

God Bless the folks in this pic. They are dealing with grief the best they know,  time and tears usually define the best way to grieve. One  instinct is to lash out, to find someone responsible  and take them to task helps sooth the spirit and lets the loved one feel they are  somehow advocating for their deceased loved one. Still taking care of them. The ugly reality is, however, that the perpetrator was the one that precipitated the gunfight. HE LOST. That is the fact that regrettably, all those who cared for the perpetrator must one day come to accept. Relatives of an armed robber shot during a violent crime.On the other end, I can only congratulate the employee for not only stopping the robber but securing the safety of the other customers in the store.


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