Who’s Child is This?

Image result for WWII propoganda cartoons

The WW II Propaganda poster featured as a link in this posting is disturbing. Of course any pik with a swastika triggers a negative perception in the average American. To have the ugly symbol above the angelic face of the little boy is like suddenly seeing your child sitting in the lap of a mass murderer.

What if the little one keeps wearing the hat. What if he is still wearing the hat when he is 14 years old? Those of you who have followed this blog for more than a few weeks have heard my railing about the damage the absence of a father will wreak in the life of a male child. The politically contrived idea that there is no difference between a woman or a man raising a young boy will not be entertained here. Yes, often a strong mother can raise male children who have the restraint and judgment to be good men. But it is a tough call  if you are a single parent. Whether you are male or female, it is a herculean task to raise a child to a successful adult. But the fantasy narrative that marginalizes males in familial relationships, vilified men as rapists and physical abusers or snickered at the  incompetent fools who can’t put a bicycle together has almost buried the idea of men as valid contributors to the American family. Sigmund said “The child is father to the man.” in describing the maturational (evolutional) nature of growing up. The influence of a weak parent will raise a male that evolves into an spoiled brat with muscle enough to victimize, bully, or kill. The model of a man who can find good purpose for his strength, and  proper  use  for anger (yes there are situations where anger is a tool.). and the importance of humility in self-regard is the best bet for preventing the overweening teen-age gang-banger from being released upon the world.

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