Coup, Coup, Kachoo ?

We had an attempted Coup set against the Trump administration a couple of years ago. Theree are no doubts about the guilty party, he has admitted his culpability, his leaking of classified information and has provided the evidence to substantiate his crimes.

Yet……..he will not be prosecuted. At least not by the DOJ under Barr.

To which I emote…….What the F….K ?

There is nothing to say, I am speechless.

You Can Fool All the People Half the Time……….

According to Zogby, one of the premier polling analysts of the day, Trumps minority numbers are better than one would think, owing to the dismal portrayal in the main stream media. He is but a thump away from being kicked out of office according to CNN. MSNB,NBC Just Klikdapik below for a more fleshed out word on the numbers. But the “coupling”  of his name and racist words has not had the impact desired by his detractors. Coupling is the paring of a persons name with the crime or misbehavior they are being accused of. Such as….white supremesist+Trump, racist+Trump etc..  Eventually that person comes to be identified with the word their name is pared with to those who trust the source without exorcising critical judgment (as they should). Well the numbers indicate that the average minority is not as stupid and gullible as the left has assumed in the past. KLIKIT !


A couple of politicos are uninviting President Trumps conciliatory visit to El Paso Texas. Rep. Escobar (D),  just couldn’t bare the insult to injury such a visit might inflict on the survivors of the recent Wal Mart Massacre. Yet it seems there are  many who were touched by this tragedy  and who appreciate the presidents time and attention. The robust and not a  little bit vitriolic ranting is belted out with such abandon it tells a tale of one who has been hanging exclusively with “like thinkers”. Such as those pictured in this cartoon…………………………See the source image

What happens when politically calculated and contrived outrage is confronted by a real, organic, need for healing .  What happens when false outrage is so badly acted out that it insults the sensitivities of those who have suffered terrible, (real)  loss. KLIKDAPIK below for more………

See the source image



Pierce Morgon is an avowed liberal and has never made bones about it. He is liberal. But like most people who have at least some neo-cortical activity, he has the sense to understand the tradition of “fair play”  and evidently, the courage to break with the liberal mob and make his feelings known. Even when his position on an issue that  is opposed to the liberal party line. KUDOS PIERCE!  It is a long video but a good watch so sit back and KLIKDAPIK!


Jon Voight is a fine actor and I am impressed with his courage of conviction and willingness to speak the truth regardless of the social consequences. In this short vid he mentions Abraham Lincoln in describing his feeling about Trump.I hold President Lincoln in high esteem. I feel he saved the Union and without him history would have been drastically rewritten. But I appreciate Mr.  Voights courage and I am very impressed with Trumps achievements, so hard won,  with the entirety of the D.C.swamp disgorging its’ plagues and  minions of hell in trying to bring him down. But no one can compare with Lincoln!  Bless Mr. Voights heart, but I can’t compare Trump with Abraham Lincoln as he does. Trump is, in  his own way, saving America. His is a civil war of systems of government. Depending on his success or failure in defeating the socialist incursion that threatens our free market economy, America will be reformed as another anemic socialist banana republic, or set on a course for future greatness.

The Rift that Wasn’t

There were a lot of riots during the Obama lpresidency. In a meeting with the people involved with one riot Obama, the old “organizer” told the rioters to “stay the course.”  “Stay the course?”  What did he advise? Keep burning down your neighborhood till you get what you want? The media blamed the police and community leaders. Sometimes the civic leaders turned on the police and the riots increased, the police assassinations increased and Obama ran into the arms of  Bouncy and JZ  or the nearest golf course in Hawaii. It seemed that all the violence and bigotry  was just on T.V., for I could find no evidence of such divisions in the real world. Divisions were in the minds of most, but that was the main theater of action in this great split between the races that I keep hearing about to this day.

While sitting in a pharmacy waiting for a script to get filled, a black gentleman of similar age to me took a seat next to me and we proceeded to engage in small talk. At one point I asked him where all the anger I see on the news is coming from. He said he didn’t know and that he was just as mystified as I. “I used to hang with the “brothers” back in the seventies. We felt that we had been freed to be who we were and that the world was ours for the taking. Now we have hit an invisible wall. Frustrating!

Wouldn’t it be nice if we

Mueller Speaks

What a rare treat to find a well considered if not flawed article about the Barr/Mueller involvement in writing the “Mueller Report” and the often bizarre reasons Mueller gives for his construction of the second half of the report. The emotional treat is that Yahoo news has produced a fairly balanced piece, that actually has a few good insights. Read it..



Re-entry  into society is a problem with some incarcerants. The playgrounds, playmates and playthings are still there, waiting for the convict released to the street to pick back up and use to get started again. Old habits, old hang-outs and old comrades are a familiar harbor for the released prisoner. Often, friends from the old gang are already scheming on their first job after release.  Unfair incarceration, on various drug offences, and a reconcideration of charges have been a point of interest for the POTUS.

ISIAHA WASHINGTON, OF LATE KNOWN AS THE ACTOR CANNED FROM “GREYS ANATOMY” for making a gay slur , asserts what Pres. Trump has done more to help the black man than Obama.

The icons and role models for African Americans had better tart putting their money where there mouth is. Isaiah is not an isolated defector. He is one of countless young black men who are emerging from the shadows of the Democratic Plantation to find that the world is at their feet and all they have to do is go for it!  He has preasently ben reunited with his cast ans is working on the series again. Isaiah Washington.

It would be quite a wet dream to have an army of black men, all shoulder to shoulder, all working shoulder to shoulder with men of other colors. (Caucasian). If we were to work together, there would be nothing that we couldn’t achieve.

Shadows on the Wall

Plato’s’ “Allegory of the Cave” speaks of mans illusory relationship with the world. Nearly 3 millennia ago Plato saw our self – deceptive nature. Often what we want becomes all we can see. When all we see is just shadows on the wall, it can all change with a flicker of the candles flame.

When Mueller’s report came out and it fell right in line with the scuttlebutt  that preceded its release.  The scuttlebutt being that there really wan’t anything to the charges of  Trump colluding with the Russians The not so quiet whispers from pundit land said, “Oh Well not too much to see here.”

THERE WERE OTHERS who saw things differently. There were others who had fabricated a world of grandiose visions to fill the void where facts were absent. Poor Rachel Maddow. She must have put herself to sleep each night with visions of Impeachment dancing in her head. Of course, as Icarus discovered, Ms. Maddow learned what happens when you fly too high……. You fall too far. What do you do when the revolution grinds to a halt, when you finally get the memo that there wasn’t there and you have ranted for two years and then ……..nothing.  Time for a moment of reflection.  Where am I?  Where do I go from here?


Trump Syndrome is in full flower one day after the Mueller Report has been rendered into the possession of AG Barr and before a syllable of the report has been released to congress, the white house, or the public. A quick perusal of the face page of Yahoo reveals the rampant ‘TS’ in the MSM. “Why Trumps aids lied t protect him…..” and a mob of similar headlines are cascading from wherever such flotsam floats. After well over 30 million dollars and thousands of man-hours search, researching, grilling witnesses in minefields of perjury traps and hanging hard time over their heads for infractions of the law years before Trumps campaign, and years before they even met Donald Trump.

Manafort stands between Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump









I include this link for your perusal. The word lie is sprinkled liberally throughout the piece but there are few if any statements as to the CONTENT of the lies. It is just a rather mind numbing repetition of so and so lied….and so and so lied……but no facts are forth coming. The content goes only as far as stating someone lied. Most of the charges levied in the investigation were directed toward Russian foreign nationals who had a huge ox to gore with Sec. of State Clinton, who was working feverishly to influence peddle with anybody who would be willing to pay. Who makes American Uranium stores available to RUSSIA? Hillary Clinton, that’s who!