Strait-Forward Vernacular ?

As I write this posting I am listening to an intereview with a Trump friendly GOP operative and stratagist, Steve Bannon. A quote that stood bas-relief to other issues being discussed was that “Trump doesn’t speak in that vernacular.” Trump would never think to say the word vernacular. He is not a verbal gerbil, like Obama, who could sing the stars from heavan. He is the everyman super hero,

His speech is pedestrian and otfen awkward, and sometimes even embarrassing in  it’s adolescent stumble. But when one considers the amount of hell that has been shoveled on him as he fought the good fight to carry on the nations business as well as delivering things promised, his stamina, both physical ( age: 73), and psychological (open war waged from the DNC,  through the Mainstream Media) has been a marvel of human endurance. As the months of legislative torpor drag on, the contrived nature of his detractors impeachment becomes obvious. This banana-republic coup attempt is taking on surrealistic dimensions. The impeachment is a historic footnote, it’s most remarkable consequence is that it will be cited as a factor in re-electing Trump for his second term.


History in Unicornia


LOOK AT ME! I AM FLYING. a BLUEBIRD OF BEAUTY AND OMNISCIENCE Barack Obama, President, election, Winner, USA,This is not my time. As a giant to history, I strive not for today but for the day that I will be exalted above all others. For I believe that eventually, someone will say I saved the world! So screw the problems of today. They are not as important as my legacy!

ISIS will come and go. Ho hum!  I know I can’t beat them.  So I can’t put the cherry on top and win a fight.  .The next president will have to clean up that little mess. But, alas, malcontents will be with us always…and there is no glory in that.

Nope, Saving the planet is my thing. America is just a failed experiment. At best we are ignorant and damaging to the rest of the world, deliberately killing the brown people and their cultures for fun and profit. WHO CARES if the United States, rife with racism, and reeking of metastasized capitalism,  endures or not?

I will be loved by the world!