A germ of a story is coalescing around  doubts a senior EU diplomats belief has that Barack Obama is mentally unstable. The mental condition of any individual is nuanced with more facets than a dodecahedron. Many different kinds of mental discomfort from mere neurosis to blown out psychosis (total abandonment of reality). I do not believe our fearless leader is diagnosably mentally ill.


As a therapist (retired) I can submit that you can be mentally unstable and not be mentally ill. The diagnosis that most readily applies to president Obama is Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Virtually every presidential candidate now and in the past has shown signs of narcissism. Every human being has some aspects of narcissim. For a lack of any concern for self baits tragedy.

 What kind of person tries to be the most powerful man on the planet?  A narcissist of course! I doubt that you could win a presidential election without a good dollop of self consumption to fuel the fervor.

Such narcisstic types are very often attractive and charismatic  Charisma that  tends to wear thin as soon as it’s gets him what he wants. In general such a personality is interpersonally exploitive and real shallow in empathy for others. They will “feel your pain” if it gets them what they want. They will lie if it gets them what they want, and tell the truth if it gets them what they want. There is no distinction between truth and untruth in the mind of  the narcissist There is only the question; “does it get me what I want?”  Every criminal to a greater or lesser degree,has narcissistic aspects in his/her personality. All things are on a continuum in the emotional landscape of people. Nothing is cut and dried. This self consumption can be quite dysfunctional when the internal picture blocks out real-world.

Greatness often come to the man with the narcissistic bent, or a jail cell.  The sense that they don’t have to follow the same strictures as the rest of us, their lack of empathy with others, their love of power and control all serve to compel the personality toward what ever object is their desire. An aside at this juncture submits that many career criminals are caught during periods of ‘super confidence’ when they feel they have gotten one over on the “the man”. These periods of feeling invulnerable reveal that they are blind to the reality of their situation.

The POTUS is, as are most who attain that post, narcisstic. Sometimes he seems utterly disconnected from reality. But he sees that he is a night on shining armor, possessing of special insight and knowledge that others do not have. This thinking constitutes a “blind spot” where what he believes has obscured what is real.       A Russian general swaggered into an American Headquarters and announced that in an hour the Russians were going to begin air activities in Syria and that we are to “get out of the way” a week prior to this interview. It is obvious, Putin just slapped Obama in the face.



When asked about his consideration of Obama’s critical opinion of his recent Ukraine moments, Putin cracked not so wise with a smart-ass comment. It was not funny, witty or intelligent. He did not care enough to craft a witticism. He did not take a moment to consider his statement. He was not worried about Obama’s wrath. The leader of the Not-so-free world was more than disrespectful of our president, he was DISMMISSIVE!



I think it is a bad case of the millennium generations compulsive fixation on being insulted by this or that thing, person or event.  You say “Good morning” and the petulant one will reply “What you mean by that?”  Prince Charles has been taken to task for talking nasty to his/our supposed enemy. Hey! There is a path  that Putin and Hitler shared. Hitler’s annexation of Austria. When he moved into Austria there was a strong base of people who considered themselves to be German. Needless to say resistance was spotty when the Sour Kraut moved in. Same thing with Putin and the Ukraine/Crimea moves he has made of late. A lot of those occupied wouldn’t mind the benefits of being under the wing of the Russians. Since they consider themselves Russian. So everybody pick a side and start sounding BIASED please. You know, like you got a pair!  My issue is that I want uncle Pooty to take me camping. And I feel a little guilty that I hate those trips to the Library with Auntee Obama!







Upon the query, “Why is Putin doing this?” In response to the imminent invasion of the Ukraine, it should be stated, because he can. Putin ex-KGB hard-line cold warrior has always pined for the glory days of a Soviet empire. Much of the area is already aligned with Russia, as Austria was partial to annexation when occupied by Germany prior to WWII. So it won’t be particularly heavy lifting militarily. The most accommodating factor in this balled-up mess of a foreign intrigue is none other than Barack Obama himself.  His gradual build-up (it was so successful in Viet Nam



klik da pik


Soon they will be base jumping from the Washington monument! Naw! just pullin’ your leg. We sit, on the sidelines, watching the action as the testosterone drenched Russion military parties hearty. A personal history that includes nuclear holocaust drills in grade school, and a “better dead than red,” attitude since birth, not withstanding, I find myself kinda’ getting behind PUTIN!
It’s still better dead than red with this blogger, but I feel like I’m with the ‘pocket protector geeks’ watching the game from the bleachers while the opposing teams quarterback is running us ragged. And revealing characteristics in attitude and action that I wish could be generated by our own (fearless leader).
In a recent photo–op session a little girl asked Putin “If you were drowning, do you believe Obama would save you?” In the course of answering he stated that he and Obama did not have a close relationship. {men hang with men} Putin had a very congenial relationship with ‘ole dub ya Bush. But Obama wouldn’t hang with a ruffian like Putin.
I guess that what you can expect when you hire a professional whose only work experience is limited to organizing “gimmie groups coercing banks into trash loans to people who have no sound hope of maintaining the loan agreement. Putin, the cold-warrior, and retired KGB will be giving Obama atomic wedgies and shoving him into broom closets.