The Billboard

The scene of old Mo being striken by the “thunderbolt” of love is a bit uncomfortable for a decent westerner to read about.  It seems, that while on  a visit to  the father of the child Aisha, ‘ol Mo’ caught sight of her gamboling about as children of age 6 do, and declared that he would have her as  his wife. Engagement made!  When  she was of age, (9) she would be rendered into the loving possession of Mohammed for consummation  of the marriage. Another disturbing image. A 54  year old man, a little girl of 9 years. Please pause, think about it for a moment…………

Slave ownership was  common back then and  those captured in battle were literaly the possession of the victor. Mohammed limited the number of wives his followers had to 4.  Mohammed, always ready with a fresh message from Allah, had as many as 11 wives.  And as  many possessions of  the right hand, (rape slaves) that he wished.  “Possessions of the right hand” referred to women captured in battle who served as sex slaves to their capture. They were there to be screw and nothing more. Aisha was lucky (I guess), she was married to the aging bandit.


When his band of merry men figured that the Jews of the Qurayza  tribe were laden with booty for the taking, they attacked the heretofore peaceful tribe.   They had the males strip and stand  in review while the Muslims judged whether they had enough pubic hair to rate  as an adult. Those unfortunate to have pubic hair lost their heads.. After torturing a Jewish leader by building a fire on his chest, they found the booty and were well satisfied.  Then 600 to 900 men were lined up and beheaded.  Their fearless leader helped chop heads along with his co-conspirators. It is interesting to note that Mohammed took the tortured mans wife as his “possession of the right hand.”  Bet she was happy, Getting ravaged by the man who tortured and killed her husband in front of his charred body, (no indication of whether he was dead or alive)  and community at large. If you need validation of the facts in this article just read the Koran, it’s all proudly committed to scripture

Big Mo’ Our Role Model?


I have fearlessly admitted to being an atheist , raised as an atheist by a mother who, after losing her own mother to an ectopic pregnancy at the age of nine, began hating God. and denying his existence. One cute statement I have used to use to describe my ambivalence about religion has been , “On a good day I am an agnostic.” But all my great scientific, humanistic wisdom has done little to comfort my rage at the evil being done in the world today. if  I truly had some real understanding of the world, and the hearts of men, I could find some answers. The answers I do find seem to lead back to my Christian beliefs. Well, I proclaim I am a Christian!…. This is a picture of the man who has chased me into the arms of Jesus Christ. Just take a look at the world! The most advanced societies follow Christian standards of behavior. Where there is Islam there is violence, misogyny, tyranny, ignorance and inequity.  An entire gender relegated to the status of livestock, barbaric mutilations used as punishment for misdemeanors.

This man personally killed many people and ordered the murder of many more. He kept slaves as sex toys and on one occasion he took the wife of a man he had tortured and killed as a sex toy. If you are to believe in an afterlife, then you must believe the promise that if you take a life for Allah or martyr yourself,  you will be rewarded with your  very own stable of sex slaves when you die and go to heaven.  (So much for the notion of romantic love!)

The Blood


Upon achieving my masters in psychology I took an interim job at a slaughterhouse.  I was so soaked in blood, by the end of each workday you could stand my jeans up in the corner as the blood coagulated into one huge scab. At the massacre called “The Battle of the Trenches” Gods one True Prophet ordered the decapitation of 600 to 1000 of the defeated, (every male past puberty)….  Every adult male Jew  in Yathrib ( now Medina) Arabia.  One wonders at the amount of blood coagulating in his robes as he hacked away at men probably bound hand and foot. Then there is the smell. To this day there are times that cooking certain meats hints at the smell of the mixture of blood and stomach contents that used to spew, steaming, from a large conduit at the rear of the slaughter house. I wonder about the smell that must have clung to The Prophets cloths at the end of the day.