A couple of politicos are uninviting President Trumps conciliatory visit to El Paso Texas. Rep. Escobar (D),  just couldn’t bare the insult to injury such a visit might inflict on the survivors of the recent Wal Mart Massacre. Yet it seems there are  many who were touched by this tragedy  and who appreciate the presidents time and attention. The robust and not a  little bit vitriolic ranting is belted out with such abandon it tells a tale of one who has been hanging exclusively with “like thinkers”. Such as those pictured in this cartoon…………………………See the source image

What happens when politically calculated and contrived outrage is confronted by a real, organic, need for healing .  What happens when false outrage is so badly acted out that it insults the sensitivities of those who have suffered terrible, (real)  loss. KLIKDAPIK below for more………

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“Stemming the Tide”

The bad actors on the Democratic stage at present, those who would deny POTUS funding for more border barrier, are so confident about the ignorance or apathy of the U.S. population they are openly taking a stance on the need for border security that directly opposes their attitudes and actions of the not so distant past.



Touted as an enemy of Muslims by the perpetually hostile mainstream press and  accompanying chorus of braying liberal enemies, the  president was treated with a triumph that rivals those afforded the royalty of ancient Rome.

Saudi horsemen, some brandishing the American Flag, flank President Trumps motorcade upon his arrival in Riyadh Arabia. On the first stop of his first foreign trip as POTUS, President Trump was treated with a day of extraordinary pageantry and ceremony.










Melania Trump, sans head covering, carried herself with a  faultless regal bearing .


Egyptian president Al Si-Si tells Trump that he “can do the impossible.”

POTUS at the western wall in Jerusalem Israel

Trumps next stop, Israel, afforded a more humble a greeting but Trump and B.B. Netanyahu  have been close friends for a quite a while.   His next hit is Rome and a meeting with the Pope.  In his trifecta of the Abrahamic religions, thus far, his trip has been a raging success. His predecessor, in abandoning Iraq, supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egyptian internal politics, and subsidizing Iranian interests to the tune of 400 billion dollars as well as his policy of non-interference in withdrawing from the middle east  has left a region (that has always been problematic) in flames.  The reaction of all parties, from Riyadh to Tel Aviv, has been a sigh of relief that  America is back to lead them from the fray. We are back.






Good Form for the New Norm

The Mullahs Favorite Momma, Valerie Jarret  assists POTUS in instructing Ms. Clinton in the proper greeting when entering Iran-U.S. negotiations.

      I just thought this would look good on the page.    An official “Obamabow” blow job was cited as a good ice breaker with these intimate little meets and greets! (Hold the back bacon boys! )……………………..>>>>>>>



May 2011, Obama  pitches that Israel accept the Pre-67 boundaries. These old perimeters bottleneck down to a hairs breadth 8 miles, with sea on one border and Syria on the other. Israel could be bisected within a few hours by an aggressor. That the idea had been floated at all was an indicator of either naiveté, incompetence or a open contempt for Netanyahu and Israel.

Thin veil torn asunder, Nov. 2011  Caught on an  open Mike  Obamadon growled, epithets flew, Netanyahu dissed-n-pissed. Now! POTUS floats rumor he is going to sanction Israel. All while negotiating with Iran. Facilitating, lending credibility to their nuclear program, and green-lighting their development of nuclear weapons. Thank you very much.

Iran, grand poobah of the Islamic revolution, has sworn to wipe Israel off the map. God help us survive green horns suffering under the delusion that they know something.




Screen-Shot-2014-06-10-at-8.24.45-AM.pngObama’s’ first Sec. o’ State Gates was too high  profile, (opinionated and verbaly assertive) and after Gates resignation he wrote a book rippin’ Bama a new one. Hagel is a good transition counterpoint for Obama in that he is no counterpoint at all. He was compliant and quiet. Just the order for a Prima Dona who had been burned working a more self assured Gates. Now that the Dems have gone tits up in the mid term, he is a good start at a post mid term “Oh! Wow! Did we screw up!” purge. He is a Republican ya know!





STAY THE COURSE!….Ferguson is done. The media driven, media created civil unrest is done. Of course the race-baiter-in-chief Barack, “Stay the course” Obama was quite helpful in inspiring destruction.

“Stay the course!” were the words of encouragement Obama gave some of the demonstrators he had met with a few days before the verdict.  What was he saying? Stay the course of what? Did he mean, keep hanging around Ferguson until you burn down the town? And, what’s this?  On the eve before the verdict he said “I can understand their reasons?”  POTUS, Oh!  POTUS!  Is that what the president is supposed to do? Is he supposed to take sides and cheer one side on? He wants us to believe he is a cool dude. So why make it worse?  The twisted truth, is that he is a sheriff who always sides with the lynch mob. Unless the mob is white.

It is common knowledge that 90% of blacks murdered, are murdered by blacks. Statisticly, the number of blacks killed by police officers is so low that when it’s rounded to the nearest whole integer, comes to zero. In other words, the number of blacks  killed by police, is less than 1%. .  Stats. considered, it makes the crowds marching around with their hands up yelling “Don’t shoot!”, look like the silly asses that they actually are.

Erick Holder, top cop for 300 million people, spent time and our money running off to Ferguson to take care of this problem. A problem so critical to the functioning of the country that he must commit the Department of Justice to attending the situation.

It’s the next dawn. Ferguson smolders, but is quiet. Fox news is starting to run other stories, MSNBC is still throwin’ their bottom lip out and commiserating about the Grand Jury offering no indictment.  I think I will watch a little MSNBC this morning. I really need a good laugh.

Cute little word from the POTUS about the better days to come. Just klikdapik below.

(Something about how he smells)

Real Hot Rod - The Modified



I’ll get on the emergency after I drink a beer and shoot another game. Even congressman in  his own party stand in mute disbelief as he turns his back on the flood of dependant children that are getting carried across the border  by coyotes, (human smugglers).

All we are left with is conjecture over his possible reasons for not acting to ameliorate the situation at the border. He is presently demanding funding from the lawmakers and asserting it is Congresses responsibility not his to fix the border problem. He has heaped  much dramatics in his braying about taking unilateral action ” I got a pen and I’ve got a phone”  in circumnavigating Congress in implementing his wishes.  Congress is the Judas Goat in a  dog-eared strategy of out-sourcing blame for a situation he  is clearly responsible for causing.

As a shrink, I see a deer-in-the-headlights paralysis. It will be interesting to see how he dissipates the picture of failure he is painting with his  intractable inaction on multiple fronts. Such paralysis can be attributed to confusion, fear, a sense of being overwhelmed or all of the above. It is time to begin keeping an eye on his state of mind. The final crisis to his administration might be the conflict raging within our POTUS’s mind.