I’ll get on the emergency after I drink a beer and shoot another game. Even congressman in  his own party stand in mute disbelief as he turns his back on the flood of dependant children that are getting carried across the border  by coyotes, (human smugglers).

All we are left with is conjecture over his possible reasons for not acting to ameliorate the situation at the border. He is presently demanding funding from the lawmakers and asserting it is Congresses responsibility not his to fix the border problem. He has heaped  much dramatics in his braying about taking unilateral action ” I got a pen and I’ve got a phone”  in circumnavigating Congress in implementing his wishes.  Congress is the Judas Goat in a  dog-eared strategy of out-sourcing blame for a situation he  is clearly responsible for causing.

As a shrink, I see a deer-in-the-headlights paralysis. It will be interesting to see how he dissipates the picture of failure he is painting with his  intractable inaction on multiple fronts. Such paralysis can be attributed to confusion, fear, a sense of being overwhelmed or all of the above. It is time to begin keeping an eye on his state of mind. The final crisis to his administration might be the conflict raging within our POTUS’s mind.


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