May 2011, Obama  pitches that Israel accept the Pre-67 boundaries. These old perimeters bottleneck down to a hairs breadth 8 miles, with sea on one border and Syria on the other. Israel could be bisected within a few hours by an aggressor. That the idea had been floated at all was an indicator of either naiveté, incompetence or a open contempt for Netanyahu and Israel.

Thin veil torn asunder, Nov. 2011  Caught on an  open Mike  Obamadon growled, epithets flew, Netanyahu dissed-n-pissed. Now! POTUS floats rumor he is going to sanction Israel. All while negotiating with Iran. Facilitating, lending credibility to their nuclear program, and green-lighting their development of nuclear weapons. Thank you very much.

Iran, grand poobah of the Islamic revolution, has sworn to wipe Israel off the map. God help us survive green horns suffering under the delusion that they know something.



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