Touted as an enemy of Muslims by the perpetually hostile mainstream press and  accompanying chorus of braying liberal enemies, the  president was treated with a triumph that rivals those afforded the royalty of ancient Rome.

Saudi horsemen, some brandishing the American Flag, flank President Trumps motorcade upon his arrival in Riyadh Arabia. On the first stop of his first foreign trip as POTUS, President Trump was treated with a day of extraordinary pageantry and ceremony.










Melania Trump, sans head covering, carried herself with a  faultless regal bearing .


Egyptian president Al Si-Si tells Trump that he “can do the impossible.”

POTUS at the western wall in Jerusalem Israel

Trumps next stop, Israel, afforded a more humble a greeting but Trump and B.B. Netanyahu  have been close friends for a quite a while.   His next hit is Rome and a meeting with the Pope.  In his trifecta of the Abrahamic religions, thus far, his trip has been a raging success. His predecessor, in abandoning Iraq, supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egyptian internal politics, and subsidizing Iranian interests to the tune of 400 billion dollars as well as his policy of non-interference in withdrawing from the middle east  has left a region (that has always been problematic) in flames.  The reaction of all parties, from Riyadh to Tel Aviv, has been a sigh of relief that  America is back to lead them from the fray. We are back.






When you lie with Dogs you get up with Fleas

Bush-and-AbdullahI always liked uncle Dubya .  I still believe he has a good moral compass and is, by nature, a righteous dude. But the fickle finger of fate appears to have him at the center of a storm over a couple of  terrorists of Saudi Origin. Brother Dubya knows right from wrong. He should be held accountable for his actions.

Total energy independence is within very easy reach for the U.S.  Our snuggle with the family of Saud can end now. We don’t have to let that bad Arab have his way with us just to keep the lights on anymore. We don’t have to do the horizontal bop with the Family dynasty of Bedouine goat herders on the Arabian peninsula who hit their number when oil sprouted from the sand.    sponsor to madrassas teaching Wahhabi hate to every young and programmable Arab child’s ear. Fourteen of the 911’s were Saudi’s.  Me thinks they are sounding a bit too shrill  in their “You better not tell!  OR ELSE!” concerning the 28 pages of the 911 report that have never been de-classified.” The leaks, thus far, are tasty. Or tragic. Just start with this little article by Spencer. Klikdapik above to read on.


She’s an American Girl! And She Just Can’t Help Herself

Little Deb,  was darning some holes in a chain-male codpiece I used to sport during family gatherings  and such.  She was agog and thunderstruck at Michelle Obamas behavior during a handshake line at the Saudi’s digs in Saudi land. “You go girl!” Deb barked at the T.V.

I instantly assumed my beloved had sprung a leak. I fully expected to get sprayed with spinal fluid at any moment.

MICHELLE OBAMA REFUSED TO COVER HER MELON FOR THE “HOUSE OF SAUD (SAH OODE).” And she stood in the greeting line, not having her hand shaken by the misogynist Bedouins  in charge.  So! I must maintain my intellectual integrity and admit when my spiritual foe has stumbled into behavior I, (and Little Debbie) approve of. Ya done good Michelle.

One of the guys is staring at her hair. (just to her left). I don’t know where his left hand is. HMMMMMM? He does, however, have a rather silly grin on his face. (Double Hmmmmm?) Is he playing “pup tent”.





A popular Saudi blogger has been charged with insulting Islam and been sentenced to ten years in prison and ten thousand lashes. The site itself is rather radicaly named “Saudi Arabian Liberals”. In fact he is running along the edge of the razor. The govt. has had him in their sights for a while. It will be interesting to follow this story and see if the the “House of Saud” can soften its view enough to reduce it’s harsh judgments.
What is most impressive about the situation is that this is the most dissent I have seen in the Muslim world. And it is originating from the very belly of the beast. How about the strangely silent American Muslims, and Muslims all over the world for that matter. Silence can only be interpreted as approval.